Actions in LeadSquared Automation

This help articles allows you to understand the various actions available in your LeadSquared automation feature. The various actions are:

  • Messaging – Send Email/SMS
  • Lead Actions – Add activity, add lead to list, remove lead from list, star/unstar lead, tag/untag lead, update lead
  • Sales Execution – Notify User, Create Task
  • Custom – Webhooks


Send Email – Allows you to send an Email to the Leads based on the condition satisfied. Click Send Email and the Choose an Email Template pop-up box appears:

Email template select

Here you can select an existing Email template or create a new one based on your preference.

Send SMS

For detailed information on how to send SMS , refer to How to Send SMS using Automation?

Lead Actions

Add Activity – Allows you to add a custom activity. Click Add Activity and the Add Activity pop-up box appears:

Select the required custom activity from the drop-down list.

Note: If your custom activity has any associated custom field, click Add an Additional Field to add and select custom activity fields to associate to the activity. Please see the below image for reference.

You can additionally add mail merge field to the selected activity type. Please see the below images for reference.

Click Save. For more information on custom activities, refer to How to add Custom Lead Activity and associate a Score to it?

Add Lead to List – Allows you to add the Lead based on the previous scenario satisfied by the Lead in the workflow. Click Add Lead to List and the following pop-up box appears:

Select the required list to add the lead and click Save.

Remove Lead from List – Allows you to remove a Lead from list based on the previous scenario in the Automation workflow. Click Remove Lead from List and the following pop-up box appears:

Select the required List from the drop-down and click Save.

Star Lead – Star Lead allows  you to highlight and discover Leads easily. For more information on Star Lead, refer to ‘Star’ your Leads.

Tag Lead – Allows you tag a Lead. Tagging is a quick way to add a label to a lead for easy identification of Leads. Click Tag Lead and the Tag Lead pop-up box appears which allows you to add the required tag.

Unstar Lead – Allows you to unstar or unmark a Lead as important. For more information on this, refer to ‘Star’ your Leads.

For more information on Tags, refer to Tag your Leads.

Update Lead – Allows you to update the Lead field values with new values if required. Click Update Lead and the Update lead fields pop-up box appears.

update lead field

Here as an example, the Lead Stage is given as Opportunity and Notes is also updated. These Lead fields are updated with these values if the Lead satisfies the criteria you have specified.

Sales Execution

Notify User – Allows you to send a notification Email to a LeadSquared user. Click Notify User and the Set Email Content pop-up box appears.

By default, the notification is directed to the Lead Owner. You can add more LeadSquared users to the ‘To‘ field.

Create Task – Allows you to create a follow-up task against the Lead. Click Create Task and the following pop-up appears where you can provide the details of the task.

For more information on  Tasks, refer to How to create Tasks and schedule Reminders?


Webhook – Allows you to post an activity using a webhook. Click Webhook and the Webhook Properties pop-up box appears.


Note: The latest-data generated using the webhook is the data retrieved just before the execution of the action you specify in the automation.

For more information on Webhooks, refer to Webhooks.