Author: Prashant Singh

Upload Files to Lead through API

You can uplaod files in LeadSquared for a given lead using an API: POST ON Content-Type: multipart/form-data Form parameters uploadFiles = provide the file to be uploaded FileType = LeadAttachment LeadId = <id of the lead> AccessKey = <access key of user> SecretKey = <secret key of user> If the API call is succesful,

LeadSquared – Freshdesk Connector

LeadSquared Freshdesk connector allows you to enable bi-directional sync of leads/activities in LeadSquared with tickets/updates in Freshdesk. It synchronizes the tickets between LeadSquared and Freshdesk. It allows you to: Create tickets in Freshdesk when either tasks or activities are posted in LeadSquared. Retrieve contact data and ticket information from Freshdesk to LeadSquared. The LeadSquared Freshdesk

How do I find my LeadSquared Account Number?

Your LeadSquared account number is the unique customer id of your Company’s LeadSquared account.  You can find it after you login. Just scroll down completely and you will see it in the footer.

How to find Schema Name of a Lead field?

Navigate to My Account -> Settings -> Customization -> Lead Fields.  You will see schema name for each lead field as illustrated below.

How to use LeadSquared connector for mCube?

LeadSquared integrates with mCube, a leading telephony platform in India. This article is under completion. Please contact if you need help on mCube integration.

LeadSquared Product Update # 24

We finished the 24th production update of LeadSquared on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015. This release was code-named “CHROMIUM”. Clear your browser cache to access the latest copy of the LeadSquared App. You can do it by using CTRL + Shift + Del on most windows machines and Cmd + Shift + Delete on most Mac machines. Here are the release

LeadSquared Product Update # 23

LeadSquared Product Update #23 – code-named “VANADIUM” was done over few weekly update between Feb and Mar.  Here are the release notes capturing the significant changes: Merge Leads You can now merge multiple Lead Records into one. Just select the leads on lead grid and use the “Merge Lead” option under grid Actions. Here is

Capturing UTM Parameters

LeadSquared allows capturing value of UTM Parameters from URLs where the underlying page is a LeadSquared Landing Page. It can be a full landing page or one having just landing page ‘Form’ of LeadSquared. If you are new to concept of UTM parameters, please check this article. A typical URL with UTM parameters will be like:

Manage Email Subscription Preferences using Email Categories

LeadSquared allows you to Manage Subscription Preferences of Leads using concept of Email Categories. Using this feature you can allow email recipients (Leads) to selectively subscribe/unsubscribe from specific types of emails rather than completely Unsubscribing from all emails. Note: If you already have the mailing preferences/Email Subscription choices of your Leads and are looking for updating

Email Sync App – Connecting your Inbox with LeadSquared

The Email Sync App allows you to capture leads and email activities in LeadSquared. It would connect to your email server and synchronize the received and sent emails. Leads which are not present in LeadSquared will be created. Received and sent emails will be posted as activities on respective leads. You can control which emails