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LeadSquared Zapier Integration

The LeadSquared Zapier integration allows you to integrate your LeadSquared CRM with 500+ third party web services via the Zapier web automation service. Zapier is a web automation app which allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time. For more information on zapier and how it works, refer to the below

From Address Restrictions

The From Address Restrictions feature of your LeadSquared CRM allows you to restrict a specific user role from sending Emails on behalf of the Lead Owner or any other LeadSquared user. This means that the feature allows you to restrict specific user roles from using their Lead owner’s or any other LeadSquared user’s Email address in the

Data Archival Policy of LeadSquared

LeadSquared archives most of the data elements of your LeadSquared CRM in order to keep the performance of your LeadSquared CRM optimized. The following are the various performance measures to optimize LeadSquared: Visitor and associated visits are stored only for 100 days. They are deleted from your LeadSquared CRM after 100 days. The records of

How to Preserve Historical Created On date for leads while importing them in LeadSquared?

This article helps you to understand how to import the CreatedOn field while doing a Lead import using a CSV file in your LeadSquared CRM. The CreatedOn field contains the date and time of when the Lead was created in your CRM. For more information on how to import Leads using a CSV file into your LeadSquared

Salesforce to LeadSquared Integration – Installation and Authentication

This Help Article allows you to understand and complete the integration of your Salesforce CRM with your LeadSquared system. This integration allows you to enable a bi-directional (to and fro) sync between Salesforce and LeadSquared which enables you to map and sync the various Lead fields, Contact fields, Tasks and Activities between the two systems.

Salesforce to LeadSquared Integration – Mapping and Configuration

This help article allows you to understand and complete the mapping and configuration of your Salesforce CRM with your LeadSquared system. For more information on the overview and installation of the Salesforce to LeadSquared integration, refer to Salesforce to LeadSquared Integration – Installation and Authentication For detailed information on the mapping and configuration, refer to the PDF

How to Add and Manage Custom Activity Tabs in the Lead Details Window?

The tabs feature in the Lead Details window allows you view and add various Activity tabs to your Lead Details window. The Add New Tab feature allows you create and manage the tabs you want to view in your Lead Details window. Use The various activity tabs allows you to view the various activities, tasks, details

How to Set Web Browser Notifications for Task Reminders in your LeadSquared CRM?

This Help Article allows you to understand how to set web browser notifications for task reminders in your LeadSquared CRM. These browser notifications allows you to remind about the upcoming tasks in your LeadSquared CRM. The task reminder notifications pop-up based on the time period you specify to remind while creating a task. Please see

Automation feature of LeadSquared

The Automation feature of your LeadSquared system allows you to create visual workflows for various events. You can automate your workflow from start to finish and also determine the direction of the workflow based on the conditions and actions that you provide. This reduces the manual work and turnaround time which in turn allows you to

Email to List Reports

The Email to List Report allows you analyze the performance of the Emails you had sent to a list of Leads. The Report allows you know the success/failure rate of the Emails through various metrics available in the report. Prerequisite You have logged into LeadSquared. You have created and sent the email to the List of