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Leads Near Me feature of LeadSquared Mobile App

The Leads Near Me feature of your LeadSquared mobile app detects leads in and around your geographical location. This allows you to view leads around you when you are on the move and would like to plan your day to close as many sales opportunities as possible. Use Case Example Consider that you are in

How to send SMS to multiple leads from LeadSquared Mobile App?

This help article allows you to understand how to send SMS to multiple leads at the same time from the LeadSquared Mobile App. Prerequisite You should have installed LeadSquared mobile app android version 5.5 or higher. Procedure From the LeadSquared Mobile App, go to Leads. The Leads list appears: Multi-select the leads and click the

Lead Location Updater App

The Lead Location Updater App of LeadSquared allows you to update the address fields of a lead into location co-ordinates. The App converts the address into latitudes and longitudes based on the address present in the following address fields: mx_Street1 mx_Street2 mx_City mx_State mx_Country mx_Zip The location is identified and converted into coordinates using the

Manage Activities

This is an activity management feature of your LeadSquared account which allows you manage and associate sales or custom activities to Leads at one place. Using this feature, you can: Associate any sales or custom activities to leads at one place Search leads which falls under a particular custom activity type or sales activity Search

Multiple Email Opens

The Multiple Email Open setting of your LeadSquared account allows you to track multiple Email opens for the same lead. This is particularly useful when different Emails are forwarded to the same organization and different leads open it to achieve a higher lead score. Prerequisite You should be logged into your LeadSquared account. You should

Actions in Rules and Notifications

This help article explains the third step of adding action to a rule. Once you have selected the trigger event and set the condition, you have add the action that proceed the event. Step 3 – Adding Actions to the Rule 1. Click Add Actions to add more actions in this step. 2. Select the

Trigger Events in LeadSquared Rules and Notifications

Step 1 – Selecting the Trigger Event 1. Click Create on the top-right corner of the Rules and Notifications display grid. The Create Rule pop-up box is displayed. 2. Select the required event type from the Event drop-down list. The event acts as the trigger or the starting point of the rule. Once the selected

Actions in LeadSquared Automation

This help articles allows you to understand the various actions available in your LeadSquared automation feature. The various actions are: Messaging – Send Email/SMS Lead Actions – Add activity, add lead to list, remove lead from list, star/unstar lead, tag/untag lead, update lead Sales Execution – Notify User, Create Task Custom – Webhooks Messaging Send Email –

How to Send SMS using the Automation Feature of LeadSquared?

This help article allows you to understand how to send SMS using the SMS Marketing App and the Automation feature of LeadSquared. You can automate sending SMS to your leads by setting up the following: Configuring the LeadSquared SMS Marketing App Using Send SMS as an action in your automation Prerequisite You must have installed

Conditions in LeadSquared Automation

This help article allows you to understand and use the various conditions  available in your LeadSquared automation. The various available are: Wait If/Else Wait The wait condition allows you to delay an action or condition to be performed for the Lead for a specified time.  Example: Consider you set an Email to send to the