Measure and improve your sales & marketing performance

LeadSquared Reports

The Reports feature of LeadSquared provides powerful analytics around marketing and sales to help you fine tune your business processes using various reports. To access Reports:> From the default LeadSquared dashboard, go to Reports -> Reports Home. You will find different sections of reports. Click on them to find the reports. Note: The reports available

Create your custom Dashboard in LeadSquared

The dashboard is the first page which appears after the user log on to LeadSquared. It captures the most important marketing and sales indicators in a chosen time-frame. LeadSquared provides a default Dashboard for all the user roles – Administrator, Marketing User, Sales Manager and Sales User.  For more information on this, refer to:  User Roles and Access

How to track the source of your Leads using Lead Source Report?

LeadSquared’s Lead Source Report allows you to view the source from which the leads are getting generated for your business. By analyzing the Lead Source Report, you can analyze which sources are working for you and which sources need better marketing. Example: If social media is generating more leads than Email Marketing, then you can

Lead Follow-up Analysis by User Report

This Report allows you to find which leads were contacted and which were not in a given time period. Use Helps to Quickly Analyse the Performance of User(s) based on the Activities they post on Leads while following up with them for business. Offers the flexibility of choosing one or  multiple specific type of Activities you might wish to

Why Do I See a Difference in the Number of Conversions in Adwords and LeadSquared?

Sometimes you would see different conversion numbers in LeadSquared reports and Google Adwords reports. There are several factors, that cause this. Let’s discuss the most commonly observed ones. Before that, you need to understand how Google Adwords reporting works, because there are several “conversion” metrics there, and you might not be looking at the right

Implementing LeadSquared Tracking via Google Tag Manager

Setting up Leadsquared tracking using Google Tag Manager is easy and we can get you started in just a couple of minutes! (Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free application that allows users to add code snippets to their website/mobile application without having to directly access their codebase every time. GTM provides a single script

How to measure and track performance of sales team using User Performance Report?

LeadSquared allows you analyse the performance of your sales team through the the User Performance Report. This report shows you the list of users (sales team) that have performed various activities and also shows you the associated score for each user. You use this article to learn how to effectively measure the performance of your

Tracking LeadSquared Email opens in Google Analytics

You can track opens events of Emails sent using LeadSquared Email in Google Analytics. You can do this by specifying a GET request in an HTML image tag in the Email body. This request sends the Email data to Google Analytics when the Email tries to fetch the image from the HTML tag. This can be achieved by following