Create and track visual workflows for your various LeadSquared activities

Actions in LeadSquared Automation

This help articles allows you to understand the various actions available in your LeadSquared automation feature. The various actions are: Messaging – Send Email/SMS Lead Actions – Add activity, add lead to list, remove lead from list, star/unstar lead, tag/untag lead, update lead Sales Execution – Notify User, Create Task Custom – Webhooks Messaging Send Email –

How to Send SMS using the Automation Feature of LeadSquared?

This help article allows you to understand how to send SMS using the SMS Marketing App and the Automation feature of LeadSquared. You can automate sending SMS to your leads by setting up the following: Configuring the LeadSquared SMS Marketing App Using Send SMS as an action in your automation Prerequisite You must have installed

Conditions in LeadSquared Automation

This help article allows you to understand and use the various conditions  available in your LeadSquared automation. The various available are: Wait If/Else Wait The wait condition allows you to delay an action or condition to be performed for the Lead for a specified time.  Example: Consider you set an Email to send to the

Automation feature of LeadSquared

The Automation feature of your LeadSquared system allows you to create visual workflows for various events. You can automate your workflow from start to finish and also determine the direction of the workflow based on the conditions and actions that you provide. This reduces the manual work and turnaround time which in turn allows you to

How to Create an Automation?

An Automation is an automated workflow which is a series of actions which you can set to occur based on a Lead’s behaviour. An automation allows you to connect and build a workflow using the conditions and actions that you provide and the Lead’s behaviour in response to that. For detailed information on the Automation feature