Email Campaigns

Send emails to lists and analyze results

How to send Quick One-To-One Emails to Leads?

Leadsquared allows you to send fully trackable one-to-one emails to Leads from your login. One to one emails are usually sent to leads when you want to communicate anything particular to a specific lead. Please follow the below steps to send individual email to leads from your leadsquared login. Prerequisites You have logged into LeadSquared.

Send Quick Email to a List of Leads

From TITANIUM release onwards, the list management feature allows you to send bulk email to a desired list from your Leadsquared login. There are several ways of interacting with Leads through email in LeadSquared: Send Email Campaigns Send one-to-one Emails to Leads from Manage Leads page OR List details page Send Automated scheduled series of

Can I create and save an Email Campaign without sending it ?

Yes. You can create an email campaign and save it. You can either schedule it to a later time, or even send it at a later time. Once you have saved it, you can access the email campaign by navigating to Marketing > Email Campaign.

Can I select a different user as the Sender of an Email from Leadsquared?

Yes. You can select a different user as the sender of an email. In the Email Compose step (Step 2), choose the required user in the From tab drop down.

Can I send attachments with my Email Campaigns in LeadSquared?

No. You will not be able to send attachments with email campaigns.  There are some reasons attaching files to email campaigns can be an issue. Some of them include: Many anti-virus and anti-spam scanning programs see attachments, sent through any bulk emailing service as a security threat, and either block the attachment or the email entirely.

Can I stop an Email Campaign after it is sent?

No. You will not be able to stop an email campaign once it is sent. But, if you have scheduled it for a later time, then you can cancel it, and the email campaign will not be sent.

Copy from Sent Emails

You can create an Email campaign by copying from an already executed campaign. You may use this feature, when you have to send similar Email campaigns with slight modifications to the existing campaign content. You may also use this feature when you want to replicate a very successful Email campaign. Prerequisites You should be logged into

Email Composer – (Step 2 of Email Campaign builder)

You will use an email composer to create an email. Depending on the option you have chosen (to build an email campaign) in Step 1 – Select Message Template, You will see different editors in this step (2).  It has different options to help you create an email campaign with ease. This article describes how you

How can I avoid extra space between lines while composing HTML email?

You can avoid extra spaces in between lines in an email by making a small change in the Font Style. In the email composer toolbar, select the Normal (DIV) font for the text. This change ensures that there is no extra space between lines.

Can I insert a Call To Action button in an email campaign ?

No. You will not be able to insert a conversion button or a Call To Action (CTA) button in an email campaign. One of the reason is that email campaigns do not support forms, and so there’s no scope for a CTA button. But as a work around, you can insert an image of a