Email Campaigns

Send emails to lists and analyze results

Review Campaign

LeadSquared allows you to review your email campaign. It is recommended that you review the email campaign that you have created before sending it across. Prerequisites You have logged in to LedSquared. You have completed Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 of creating an email campaign. Review your Email Campaign 1. Campaign Details: In

Schedule Campaign

LeadSquared allows you to send out the email campaign immediately after you create the email or at any later time your want. You use this procedure to learn more about the scheduling feature of email campaigns. Prerequisites You have logged in to LeadSquared. You have completed Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4

Selecting an Email Message Template

You can create email campaigns using any of the many templates available in LeadSquared. If the templates do not match your requirement, you can design an email using the blank template editor or simply create an email from scratch using an HTML editor or Text editor. You can also copy an email as is, from an

Why Email Open event for some of my emails is not tracked?

We track Email Open by putting a tiny invisible image at the bottom of your HTML message. When Email is opened this imaged gets downloaded and we track this download as Email Open event. Email Tracking will work only in HTML messages because we obviously can’t embed an image in plain text message.  Also a lot of Email clients

How can you avoid your Emails ending up in the SPAM folder?

There are certain best practices which you can follow while creating an Email campaign which ensures that it does not end up in the Spam folder of your recipient. Below are certain tips which helps to achieving better deliverability of your Emails. 1. Include a text version of your Email if you are sending HTML emails. This

Validate existence and validity of Email Ids

Use our Email Validator Service to validate the Email Id’s of your Leads/Contacts One of the biggest challenges in Email marketing is to make sure of the validity of subscribers’ Email ids. Invalid Email IDs can result in high bounce rates which impacts the reputation of the sender and future delivery of your Emails. We have

Hide – Unhide – Delete Email Campaigns

Hide – UnHide – Delete Email Campaigns Note: You can delete Email Campaigns only in Draft State. Sent Email Campaigns can not be deleted  from your LeadSquared account. You may simply Hide the older Sent Email Campaigns you do not wish to see in the Email Campaign grid. Procedure:  Navigate to Marketing > Email Campaign >

Resubscribe to Email Campaign

All Email Campaigns sent from Leadsquared would have an unsubscribe link at the bottom so that Leads who do not wish to get further emails from you could click on it and do so . The re-subscribe button would let leads who has unsubscribed from your Email Campaign to start receiving your email campaign again.

How to Embed Lead Capture Form in email

Procedure: This procedure shows how to embed a form in email Create and publish a landing page containing only a Form.   Go to landing pages grid/list view by navigating to MARKETING > Landing pages. Hover over Actions icon of the ‘form only landing page’ and click on ‘Export HTML’ Copy the HTML of the

Getting started with mail merge fields

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