Get Facebook App Id and Secret Key

Here is the procedure to get Facebook App Id and Secret Key for help with connecting FB LeadAds with LeadSquared. Procedure: Go to facebook for developers. Click Register. From the Register as a Facebook Developer pop-up box, select Yes and click Next. The next pop-up box appears. Click Create App ID. The Create a New App ID pop-up box appears.

How to send SMS to multiple leads from LeadSquared Mobile App?

This help article allows you to understand how to send SMS to multiple leads at the same time from the LeadSquared Mobile App. Prerequisite You should have installed LeadSquared mobile app android version 5.5 or higher. Procedure From the LeadSquared Mobile App, go to Leads. The Leads list appears: Multi-select the leads and click the

Data Archival Policy of LeadSquared

LeadSquared archives most of the data elements of your LeadSquared CRM in order to keep the performance of your LeadSquared CRM optimized. The following are the various performance measures to optimize LeadSquared: Visitor and associated visits are stored only for 100 days. They are deleted from your LeadSquared CRM after 100 days. The records of

How to Preserve Historical Created On date for leads while importing them in LeadSquared?

This article helps you to understand how to import the CreatedOn field while doing a Lead import using a CSV file in your LeadSquared CRM. The CreatedOn field contains the date and time of when the Lead was created in your CRM. For more information on how to import Leads using a CSV file into your LeadSquared

How to Set Web Browser Notifications for Task Reminders in your LeadSquared CRM?

This Help Article allows you to understand how to set web browser notifications for task reminders in your LeadSquared CRM. These browser notifications allows you to remind about the upcoming tasks in your LeadSquared CRM. The task reminder notifications pop-up based on the time period you specify to remind while creating a task. Please see

Email Link Domain and DKIM/SPF Settings for LeadSquared

This articles provides you with the Email Link Domain and DKIM/SPF settings for your LeadSquared account. For information on Email Link Domain, refer to Domain Settings for Email Links. Prerequisite You should be an Administrator or Marketing user of LeadSquared to change the Email link Domain settings from your LeadSquared system. Procedure Step 1 – Email

How can an Administrator user set password for other users?

Administrator users can set password of any user. This will be useful for in a scenario when a user wants to change the password, but does not receive password reset email when the password is reset. Prerequisite You should be an administrator user of LeadSquared. Procedure Log on to your LeadSquared application and go to My

How do I find my LeadSquared Account Number?

Your LeadSquared account number is the unique customer id of your Company’s LeadSquared account.  You can find it after you login. Just scroll down completely and you will see it in the footer.

How to find Schema Name of a Lead field?

Navigate to My Account -> Settings -> Customization -> Lead Fields.  You will see schema name for each lead field as illustrated below.

Understanding Lead Stages

Lead Stage Leads may be at different levels of engagement with your offers depending upon their awareness, need, interest and budget. The position of a Lead in marketing funnel based on its level of engagement is called Lead Stage.  You can group Leads into different stages based on their similarity or disparity in their level