Landing Pages

Build beautiful responsive landing pages and forms rapidly. Explore landing page template library.

How to Create and Publish a Landing Page?

LeadSquared’s landing page module offers powerful features to design and publish conversion optimized Landing Pages. It allows you to design and publish custom landing pages easily. You can use LeadSquared’s built-in templates to easily create Landing Pages. You can create Landing page from scratch using Landing Page Editor. You can provide a variety of post

Building Responsive Landing Pages

LeadSquared Landing Page designer helps you build responsive landing pages — pages which will render well when accessed on desktop, tablet and mobile. The page will “respond” to changes in the form factor and its content will stack up vertically as the width available to the page reduces. To start building responsive pages, Navigate to Marketing

Video Tutorial on using responsive landing page designer

Here is a 20 minute tutorial on using LeadSquared’s responsive Landing Page designer. Responsive Landing Page ” Getting Started Video” from Nilesh Patel on Vimeo.

Actions that should follow when a Visitor Submits on your Landing Page

LeadSqaured allows you to set up what happens after a visitor submits on your landing page. You can create a work flow for the lading page visitor as well as the marketer who is using LeadSquared. You use this procedure to set actions after publishing the landing pages. Prerequisites You have logged in to LeadSquared.

Capturing Leads from Website forms

You can capture Leads from your website in LeadSquared. There are three common ways of doing it: Embed LeadSquared Forms on your website as iFrame Embed LeadSquared Forms on your website as  HTML For WordPress sites:  Use LeadSquared’s Contact  Form 7 Plugin Use LeadSquared API to capture Leads Embed LeadSquared Forms on your website as iFrame Create a  form

How to Publish Landing Pages within your Domain Name?

The landing pages that you publish through LeadSquared, by default, will show the following address on the address bar of browser when anyone views them:  <companyname><landing-page-name>.  “” is a domain name owned by LeadSquared. But you can publish the landing page in your own domain name. Note that it is not mandatory to publish the landing page in your

How can I find Leads that Submitted on a Landing Page?

You can create a list of all leads who have submitted on your Landing Page. You can make use of this list to send further campaigns or nurture the leads by, say, sending special offers. You use this procedure to find leads and create a list of leads who submitted on your landing page. Prerequisites

How to Allow Download of a Document after Visitors Submits on Landing Page?

You can let a landing page visitor download any document after submission on your landing page. You can make this action an automatic one during creating a landing page. You use this procedure to let the visitor download a document after submission on your landing page. Prerequisites You have logged in to LeadSquared. You have

How to pre-populate Landing Page Form fields by adding additional parameters in page URL?

You can auto-populate or show pre-populated Form fields in Landing Pages when a lead clicks the URL links you provide in Email Campaigns or one to one emails to leads. This can be achieved by adding additional parameters to the Landing Page URL while drafting or composing an email in LeadSquared. URLs with additional parameters are

How to use mobile number verification feature for Landing Pages?

You can verify the mobile number, entered by leads, in your landing page forms. This reduces the number of old/fake/non existent numbers of leads. It also leads to more number of genuine lead details. Here is how it works. When a lead submits mobile phone number on a landing page form, an SMS will be sent