Landing Pages

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Get Sitemap of Landing Pages

You should get sitemap of your landing pages in LeadSquared and submit it in your Google Webmaster account to make the pages indexable & searchable. Click here to know about Google Webmaster  By informing Google Webmaster  about your landing pages, your pages will start being indexed by Google and they may gradually start appearing in search results on relevant keywords.

Can I rename a Landing Page?

Yes. You can rename a landing page. Navigate to Dashboard > Marketing > Landing Pages. Hover on the Actions button of the required landing page. Click on Rename. Enter the new name and click Rename.

Can a landing page visitor place an order (like buying a product) using LeadSquared?

Yes. We have enabled sending the form data to the “redirect URL”.  We support both POST & GET based on what is required.  So you can use this feature to integrate with your automated user sign-ups, your own apps which require visitor data or even integrate with payment processing gateways like Paypal. You can view this

Can I use a Landing Page in multiple types of marketing campaigns?

Yes. You can use the landing page in multiple campaigns. You would ideally do so if you want to track leads from a particular campaign. For more information, see How to use Tracking URL feature?

Can I have conditional access to my Landing Pages?

Yes. You can have conditional access to your landing pages. Conditional access means, access to a particular page, if a particular condition is satisfied. In other words, you want visitors to submit on a particular form, only after, submitting on another form. Example: You have a landing page to capture leads, say Landing Page A.

Creating Landing Page from external HTML, CSS, Scripts and Images

The External Landing Page feature allows you to create and host landing pages in LeadSquared if you have your own HTML of the landing page, or have purchased a template from marketplaces such as ThemeForest ( Please note that this feature is targeted at HTML developers. You need to have basic HTML/JavaScript development skills to

How can I find out the number of Submissions, Unique Leads and Total Leads for a Landing Page?

In the landing page report, you may find that the number of submissions, unique leads and total number of leads are different. This is because of the fact, that they are indeed different.  Each of the above 3 numbers are explained below Submissions: It is the total number of times visitors have submitted on a

How can I track Landing Page visits in Google Analytics?

Apart from analyzing the Landing Page Report, you can also track visitor trend using Google Analytics. To track the landing page visits in Google Analytics, you must paste the analytics code when you are creating the landing page in LeadSquared. You use this article to learn how to track landing page visits in Google Analytics. Prerequisites

How to add a new landing page hosting domain?

You can publish landing pages in LeadSquared in multiple domains/sub-domains. Multiple domains are available only in Standard and Enterprise plans, and there may an additional fee associated with it. Once you add a domain (lets say, then you can add multiple subdomains for hosting landing pages. Let us say you need to add

How to add custom validation on mobile number field?

You use this procedure to add validation on mobile or phone number field and restrict it to be 10 digit number. Prerequisites You have created a form with mobile or phone number field in it. Procedure Edit your landing page and go to Step 04 (Page Settings) Scroll down to find ‘Embed Java Script’ option Paste