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How to configure SMS Autoresponder for my Landing Pages?

You can send an automated SMS/text-message to your leads when they submit a form on your landing pages. These text messages are transactional in nature, meaning they can be sent to phone numbers marked DND (do not disturb). But, there will be a limitation to what you can send. Prerequisites: 1) Your SMS connector should be

How to embed Google Analytics Script in Landing Pages

LeadSquared offers you to track the visitor trend on the Landing Pages by using Google Analytics. Prerequisites: Obtain the tracking Script from your Google Analytics account (click here for help). You have completed Step 1 , Step 2  , Step 3 of creating a landing page in LeadSquared. Procedure to add Google Analytics Script to a

How to get HTTPS URL for my landing page?

The Leadsquared allows you to get ‘ https’ Url for your landing page, which ensures a secure data transfer. The https: url enables an encrypted link between server and client so that information passed from your landing page to server can’t be intercepted. The below steps illustrates the process of getting ‘https’ Url from your

How to invoke Google conversion code after form submission?

You will need to invoke the Google Conversion Code to track the conversions from Google Ads. That is, when visitors click on your Google Ads, and submits on the landing page, a conversion takes place. By tracking these conversions, you’ll know which ads, keywords and campaigns bring you business. This helps you invest more wisely in the best ones and,

How to redirect the host page after lead submits on embedded form?

LeadSquared Landing Pages can be used to create forms and these forms can be embedded as iFrame in your website. Here is an article describing the process.  On submission of the form, you may want to redirect the lead to a thank-you page or any other web page. By default the redirected page will open

How to Redirect Visitors to my Homepage after Submission on Landing Page?

You can redirect visitors  to your company’s website after they submit on your landing page. You can make this action an automatic one during creating a landing page. You use this procedure to redirect visitors  to your company’s website after they submit on your landing page. Prerequisites You have logged in to LeadSquared. You have completed

How to send Auto-Response emails to Leads submitting on Landing pages?

This feature allows you set up to send an automated email when a visitor submits on your landing page. You use this procedure to send a confirmation email to the lead after submission on the form of the landing page. Prerequisites You have logged in to LeadSquared. You have completed Step 1 and Step 2 of creating

How to send form data from Landing Page to an external URL?

You can send the lead data captured by the form (after a visitor submits on a landing page) to an external URL. This URL can be another landing page or your company’s website or any URL you prefer. Pre-requisites: You have logged in to LeadSquared. You have completed selecting the landing page template and created a landing

How to Use Landing Page Reports?

Analyzing your Landing Page Report is one of the most important aspects in the process of Lead Management. You can use the landing page report to study the success/failure of the landing page through various metrics available in the report. This article helps you understand the various metrics and parameters of a Landing Page Report.

How to use Tracking URL feature?

Tracking URL feature in LeadSquared allows you to use landing page in multiple marketing campaigns, such as Facebook, Google Pay Per Click ads and so on. You should use tracking URLs when you’re directing traffic to a landing page from somewhere other than a call-to-action on your own site, like an email blast, PPC campaign,