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I have edited my Landing Page but I can’t see the changes. What could be the Reason?

Typically if you edit your landing page, you will see the changes. But if not, Republish the landing page and try. Also clear the Cache memory and re-try. It should work.

Landing Page Style Editor

LeadSquared’s responsive landing page designer lets you control the formatting of the page using your custom stylesheet information. You can do it through the Style Editor in landing page designer: You will see the default style information displayed. That cannot be edited. You can copy the default style using the clone icon. Give your style a

Page Settings for Landing Page (SEO Options)

In Page Settings step of building a landing page you can set the Page Title, Landing Page URL, SEO Options and you may embed any web analytics script that you might be using. Each of these is explained here under. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique used to increase a website’s visibility and traffic.

Selecting a Landing Page Template

You can create landing pages using any of the many templates available in LeadSquared. If the templates do not match your requirement, you can create a landing page from scratch using a blank template. Prerequisites: You must be logged in to LeadSquared. You must be an Administrator or Marketing User of your LeadSquared account. Procedure

Summary of the Landing Page

This is the last step of Creating a Landing Page (Step 5). Summary allows you to review the landing page you have created. Here you can check and make sure that you have included everything you need before you publish the landing page. This article helps you to understand the Summary step of creating a

The number of submissions and number of leads is different for a Landing Page. What could be the reason ?

Sometimes, you might see in the landing page report, that the number of leads submitted on the landing page and number of submissions may be different. This is because a landing page visitor becomes a lead after submission. But if the same visitor submits again, it is counted as a submission and not another lead.

Capturing UTM Parameters

LeadSquared allows capturing value of UTM Parameters from URLs where the underlying page is a LeadSquared Landing Page. It can be a full landing page or one having just landing page ‘Form’ of LeadSquared. If you are new to concept of UTM parameters, please check this article. A typical URL with UTM parameters will be like:

Tracking Landing Page Submission on same Page in Google Analytics and Facebook

LeadSquared offers you to track the visitor trend on same Landing Page by using conversion scripts. If you want to track form submissions using Google conversion script and Facebook conversion pixel code by redirecting visitor to a Thank You page, then click here for help. This article explains the process of tracking form submissions using Google

Add Landing Page Hosting Domain

 Default Landing Page Domain The default domain to host LeadSquared landing pages is <yourdomainname> is a domain name owned by LeadSquared. You can provide your own  sub-domain name to host Landing pages.  For example, the landing pages can be hosted in To provide landing page domain, add a main domain first as described

Why Do I See a Difference in the Number of Conversions in Adwords and LeadSquared?

Sometimes you would see different conversion numbers in LeadSquared reports and Google Adwords reports. There are several factors, that cause this. Let’s discuss the most commonly observed ones. Before that, you need to understand how Google Adwords reporting works, because there are several “conversion” metrics there, and you might not be looking at the right