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How to Add Email Categories in Landing Pages

Email Categories allows email recipients (Leads) to selectively subscribe/unsubscribe from specific types of emails rather than completely unsubscribing from all emails. For more information on Email Categories, refer to Manage Email Subscription Preferences using Email Categories. You can add Email Categories in the Landing Pages feature of LeadSquared to allow your customer to selectively subscribe from Emails when

How to Use Dependent Lead Fields in Landing Pages

The dependent Lead Fields feature can also used in the forms of Landing pages in Lead Squared. Prerequisite You should be an administrator user of the LeadSquared application to create dependent lead fields. You should be a administrator/marketing user to use the dependent fields in Landing Pages. Procedure Consider that you are creating dependencies between the

Create Form only Landing Page

You can easily create form only Landing pages for integrating your website forms with LeadSquared. Create a Form using LeadSquared Landing Page Designer. The form should have lead fields that you want to capture when Lead submits on your website. Prerequisites: 1. You must be an Admin or Marketing User of your LeadSquared Account. Procedure:

What is a Responsive Landing page?

A Responsive Landing Page is a web page that renders well in all the devices like desktop, laptop, Tablet and Mobiles which have different screen sizes. A responsive page will adapt to the screen size and will look good on every device These pages adjust to the Screen resolution or simply the screen size and

Conversion Button on Responsive Landing page

You can use a Conversion Button directly on a landing page besides the conventional way of using it in a form. The purpose of this would be to redirect the user to your company’s website, or to allow the user to download any document, or may be even to encourage users to try out your company’s

How to add responsive slider content in Landing pages

You can now add a responsive slider with images or text in LeadSquared responsive landing pages. Note that you have hosted the images and have the URL of it. Please contact support team if you need any assistance with the image URLs. Prerequisites: • You have logged in to LeadSquared. • You have uploaded the images

Building Responsive Landing Pages

LeadSquared Landing Page designer helps you build responsive landing pages — pages which will render well when accessed on desktop, tablet and mobile. The page will “respond” to changes in the form factor and its content will stack up vertically as the width available to the page reduces. To start building responsive pages, Navigate to Marketing