Learn how to configure LeadSquared and modify settings to customize your product.

Settings: My Profile

The My Profile section under Settings feature of LeadSquared allows you to do following: Update basic details like Name, Date Format and Timezone Change Password Create signature for Emails Subscribe to Reports To access My Profile: From the default LeadSquared dashboard, go to My Account-> Settings -> Account Settings -> Personal Settings -> My Profile  

Settings: Manage Company Profile

Manage Company Profile is a very simple settings page that allows you to update basic company data. You must provide Company Name and address data before you can use Email Campaign feature. The Company Name and Address is used in the footer of Emails to meet Can-Spam guidelines. To setup your Company details please follow the

Manage Users

Manage Users functionality allows you to Create New Users, Update existing users, Transfer Ownership, Deactivate users and reset/set password for the users. You can also tag users to associate them to a business unit or location etc., this helps in easy search of users for accounts with large number of users. Prerequisites: You must be logged in

How to create custom fields in LeadSquared?

LeadSquared allows you to create new Custom Fields in your account besides the System & a few default custom fields available in LeadSquared. If your business needs to capture additional lead information beyond the default fields available, then you can create custom Lead fields. You are likely to encounter this situation when you would be

Managing Lead Stages

Lead Stage represents the position of the lead in your Marketing/Sales funnel. Leads may be at different levels of engagement with your offers depending upon their awareness, need, interest and budget. You can group Leads into different stages based on their similarity or disparity in their level of engagement.  The advantage of this grouping is that you

Lead Quality Criteria – Setup

Measure Lead Quality using custom quality rules Lead Quality helps you identify the leads that are close to your ‘Ideal Customer Profile‘. Every business associates certain attributes of leads to its quality or grade and this association helps in filtering the leads that meet the ideal customer profile. For example for a B2B  legal services company,

Setup Criteria of Lead Engagement Scoring

As the name suggests, “Lead Engagement Score” captures the engagement level of Leads. It is a quantifiable number that helps in finding engaged vs dis-engaged leads and also comparing leads based on their relative scores. The definition of what constitutes Engagement is customizable in LeadSquared. A lead is said to be engaged if it reacts

Domain Settings for Email Links

When you send emails to your prospects with links to web pages, we encode them so we can track who clicked on your emails. After they click on the links if they visit your website or landing pages, we further track their visits on your web pages. However, this tracking will work only if you

How to Publish Landing Pages within your Domain Name?

The landing pages that you publish through LeadSquared, by default, will show the following address on the address bar of browser when anyone views them:  <companyname><landing-page-name>.  “” is a domain name owned by LeadSquared. But you can publish the landing page in your own domain name. Note that it is not mandatory to publish the landing page in your

Lead Form Customization

Manage Forms Setting helps in customizing Lead Add/Edit and Details forms inside LeadSquared. You need to be LeadSquared Administrator to access this setting at My Account > Settings > Manage Custom Fields -> Manage Forms You can customize the following forms: 1) Add New Lead Form 2) Quick Add Lead Form 3) Add Lead Form on Mobile You will able to choose