Learn how to configure LeadSquared and modify settings to customize your product.

How to add Custom Lead Activity and associate a Score to it?

Lead Activity is any event that is of importance in the life-cycle of lead. Example: Having a phone conversation, a direct Meeting or any formal Interaction with a Lead has to be clearly & promptly noted in a business process. These Notable Activities are to be posted by the Users in LeadSquared after each follow-up

Create your custom Dashboard in LeadSquared

The dashboard is the first page which appears after the user log on to LeadSquared. It captures the most important marketing and sales indicators in a chosen time-frame. LeadSquared provides a default Dashboard for all the user roles – Administrator, Marketing User, Sales Manager and Sales User.  For more information on this, refer to:  User Roles and Access

How to upload your own logo in LeadSquared?

You can personalize your LeadSquared experience by uploading your own logo in place of default LeadSquared logo. You must be LeadSquared Administrator to do this. Navigate to My Account -> Settings -> Account settings -> Custom Logo and click update logo. The new logo should be transparent, with maximum height of 30 px and width of

How can I change the email address associated with my LeadSquared account?

Admin users can update email id (or user id) of an existing user. This will help when you want to replace a leadsquared user with a new one. Navigate to My Account -> Settings -> Manage User to Edit the user and use “Change” action to update the email address.

How can I add a new user to LeadSquared?

You can add a new user in LeadSquared only if your Role is set to Admin. To add a user, navigate to Dashboard > My Account > Settings > Users and Roles > Users and then click on Create User button.  Create User window pops up and you can enter the relevant details. You can also

Configuring multiple domains in LeadSquared

You can track website visits on multiple domains (and sub-domains in each domain) in LeadSquared. You can also associate multiple sub-domains for your landing pages. Prerequisites & Notes: Multi-domain setup is available only for customers in Standard and Enterprise Plans as a paid add-on. Please contact your sales account manager or write to if you want

How to add a new landing page hosting domain?

You can publish landing pages in LeadSquared in multiple domains/sub-domains. Multiple domains are available only in Standard and Enterprise plans, and there may an additional fee associated with it. Once you add a domain (lets say, then you can add multiple subdomains for hosting landing pages. Let us say you need to add

Control Phone number format while capturing leads

In your Landing Pages and Lead Addition forms inside LeadSquared, the country code of phone number field and the format of phone number data can be controlled through config settings in LeadSquared. Follow these steps: Navigate to My Account -> Account Settings -> Company Profile Edit and select a default country code (you can leave it

User Roles and Access Rights

In LeadSquared, access to different features and lead data can be controlled by associating appropriate Role to user. When a new LeadSquared account is created, the first user has Administrator role and she can create new users and assign them appropriate role. Administrators can see the roles of existing users, navigate to My Account->Settings-> Manage

Help Video: How to Setup Lead Engagement Scoring and Tracking

A short video on best ways to configure lead engagement scoring in LeadSquared.