Learn how to configure LeadSquared and modify settings to customize your product.

How to connect LeadSquared with Super Receptionist ?

Super Receptionist  (SR) is a personal reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment. If you are using Super Receptionist for your business, then you can integrate it with LeadSquared to capture the lead’s phone number directly on to LeadSquared. Super Receptionist connector in LeadSquared allows you to: Track incoming calls from leads. Create a lead

How to control lead export and lead delete permissions for users?

LeadSquared Administrators can control which user roles have permission to export leads, delete leads and import leads.  Navigate to My Account->Settings->Users and Roles-> Click on Permissions to view and change it: Click Edit to set permissions to delete/export/import leads  for the different user roles of LeadSquared. Set the required permissions and click Save. To know more

How to create a date type custom field in LeadSquared?

You can create Date Type Custom Fields in LeadSquared that captures date in appropriate format. To create a custom field, navigate to My Account > Settings > Customization >Click on Lead fields, in Settings page. On Manage Custom Fields page click on Create Custom field button on top right of the page. Give a name

How to create a dropdown type of field in LeadSquared? • Dropdown • Dropdown with others • Searchable dropdown

For a complete overview  on how to create Custom Fields refer to the following article  : How to create custom fields in LeadSquared? LeadSquared offer you to create Custom Fields of the following data types Data Type Rendered As Example Text Textbox Designation Number Textbox Fax Number Email Email Alternate Email Id Phone Textbox or

How to Edit DNS Settings in Web Hosting Services

cPanel 1. Log in to the cPanel administrative console. Click on the Simple DNS Zone Editor under the Domains section. 2. Fill in the name for your new CNAME sub-domain(sub-domain that you have specified in LeadSquared) in the Name field and in the CNAME field. 3. Click the Add CNAME Record button. 4. If you have completed specifying the

How to make sure that Lead Distribution App does not execute leads that are created manually?

To understand about Lead Distribution App and how to add and configure the App in LeadSquared, please refer to the following article:  Lead Distribution Automation in LeadSquared And to know how to define the rules  for lead distribution refer to the following article: Creating Lead Distribution Rules How to make sure that Lead Distribution App does not

How to set up signatures in LeadSquared?

You can use Signatures when sending emails from LeadSquared. You have the provision of using HTML signature and a Text signature based on your requirement. Navigate to Dashboard > My Account > Settings > Account Settings > My Email Signature. Click on the Edit button. You will see HTML signature box and a Text signature

I have changed my website hosting provider and my Landing Pages have stopped working. What could be the issue?

When you change the website hosting provider, they must do the CNAME setting again in the DNS of new hosting provider. You must follow the same procedure which you adopted to change the CNAME settings in your old service provider. For more information, see How to Publish Landing Pages within your Domain Name?

I have created a CNAME but my Landing Pages are still not showing my sub-domain. What could be the issue?

Your landing pages will be published in your domain name if you complete 2 steps. Creating a CNAME is one of the steps. First, you must specify the desirable sub-domain in LeadSquared. Next, edit your Domain Name System (DNS) settings to create a CNAME record. For more information, see How to Publish Landing Pages within your

Managing Lead Access for Sales Users – Groups

Groups feature in LeadSquared allows you to group Sales Users selectively in to different groups based on their location or business units as required. You can also provide additional permissions to a Sales User/Users to : 1. View Leads owned by other Users within the Group. 2. Modify Leads owned by other Users within the Group. 3. Create/Add new