Learn how to configure LeadSquared and modify settings to customize your product.

How do I find if LeadSquared tracking script is on my website?

By installing LeadSquared tracking script on your website, you can track the lead visits on your website in your LeadSquared account. Please see this to know about Installing tracking script on your website. How do I find if LeadSquared tracking script on my website. On successful installation of Leadsquared tracking script on your website, you

Import Mailing Preferences

You can now Update Mailing Preferences of Existing Leads in your account easily using a CSV file Upload. Brief information to set the context here: LeadSquared allows you to Manage subscription preferences of Leads using concept of Email Categories. Leads can now choose to receive or Unsubscribe from emails (of select Email Categories) sent from your LeadSquared

How to Use Dependent Lead Fields in Landing Pages

The dependent Lead Fields feature can also used in the forms of Landing pages in Lead Squared. Prerequisite You should be an administrator user of the LeadSquared application to create dependent lead fields. You should be a administrator/marketing user to use the dependent fields in Landing Pages. Procedure Consider that you are creating dependencies between the

How to Enable Geo Tracking for LeadSquared Mobile App Users

You can capture the geographical location when a custom activity is added to a LeadSquared user. This feature is available to both Android and iOS users of the LeadSquared mobile application. Prerequisite You should be an Administrator user of the LeadSquared application in order to create a Custom Activity and enable tracking to it. The LeadSquared

How to Create a Multi Select Dropdown Field?

A drop-down selection allows you to search through a large list of choices. A Multi-Select drop-down field allows you to select multiple values in a drop-down list. This article explains how to create multiple selection drop-down fields in your LeadSquared system. These fields are used in the various Lead forms, APIs, Landing Pages and the

How to set an Administrator as the billing user?

An Administrator user of your LeadSquared system is by default also the billing user. When you create another administrator user, you can set this administrator as the Billing User. Note: Only one administrator can be set as the Billing User at a time. To set another administrator as the billing user: From your default dashboard,

Manage Email Subscription Preferences using Email Categories

LeadSquared allows you to Manage Subscription Preferences of Leads using concept of Email Categories. Using this feature you can allow email recipients (Leads) to selectively subscribe/unsubscribe from specific types of emails rather than completely Unsubscribing from all emails. Note: If you already have the mailing preferences/Email Subscription choices of your Leads and are looking for updating

How to Use and Customize the Lead Details vCard?

The Lead Details vCard allows you to view, edit and share the Lead Details from the Lead Details window. The fields of this vCard are customizable. Prerequisite You should be an Administrator user of your LeadSquared system to customize the fields of the Lead Details vCard form from the Settings section. Procedure How to Access

Lead Score

Lead Score is the measure of Lead activity in response to your marketing offers. An engaged Lead interacts with you online or offline. These interactions are essentially Lead activities with varied level of importance. Example: An Email Open event by your Lead is important but not as important as the submission on a Landing Page.

From Address Restrictions

The From Address Restrictions feature of your LeadSquared CRM allows you to restrict a specific user role from sending Emails on behalf of the Lead Owner or any other LeadSquared user. This means that the feature allows you to restrict specific user roles from using their Lead owner’s or any other LeadSquared user’s Email address in the