Manage Leads

Manage lead life-cycle : from capture to close.

Lead Management – Feature Guide

LeadSquared’s Manage Leads module lets you create and manage your leads in a single place. You can import new leads from CSV file, create leads manually or let LeadSquared create them when anyone submits on a Landing page. This module focuses on overall process of lead management in identifying, educating, engaging, qualifying, and passing leads to sales.

Leads – Manage Leads

The Managed Leads window allows you to add, import leads, import lead tags and manage your various leads in one place. For information on how to add leads, refer to How to add leads manually in LeadSquared? For information on how to import leads, refer to How to import leads to LeadSquared? For more information on how to

Leads: Lead Details

Lead Details page allows you view the lead information, view the lead’s activity history, view lead pulse (lead stage, lead score, and lead grade), perform lead actions, and add notable activities. You can access Lead details by clicking the required lead in the Manage Leads window. To access Lead Details, From the default, go to Leads -> Manage

How to Add a New Lead in LeadSquared?

LeadSquared’s Manage Leads module lets you create and manage leads. You can import new Leads from a CSV file, create leads manually and let LeadSquared create them automatically when anyone submits on a Landing page.  You use this procedure to add new leads in LeadSquared. Prerequisites You have logged in to LeadSquared. Adding Leads You can add

How to import leads to LeadSquared?

Your leads may be present in a spreadsheet, or a database application such as MS Access, or in any other software application. You will have to first export the leads to a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. Or if you have leads in an Excel file, you can save it as a CSV file. Use this

How to add leads manually in LeadSquared?

There are two ways to add leads manually on to LeadSquared. One, is by using the Add New Lead option. Two, is by using the Quick Add Lead option. These are two simple and straight forward methods of adding leads manually. You use this procedure to add leads manually by using the above stated methods.

Create Quick Filter to Find Leads

LeadSquared offers a feature to add Quick Filters to find leads based on specific criteria. A Quick Filter once created will be helpful to access required leads quickly and easily. To find Quick Filter list, navigate to:  LEADS > Manage Leads. You can see it on Manage Leads Page to the right of lead grid. To

How to Use the Advanced Search feature in LeadSquared?

Advanced Search feature of the LeadSquared applications allows you to search leads, that satisfy one or more conditions. This feature is useful when you want to make a list of leads that satisfy multiple criteria. For example: Leads coming from California, leads from education industry and leads who submitted on a particular landing page could be

Help Video – How to do Advanced Search and Create List

In this short video, you will learn segmenting leads based on their demographic and behavioral data.

How can I take backup of my Lead data? How can I export Leads?

You can take a backup of your lead data by doing an export operation. Navigate to Dashboard > Leads > Manage Leads. Hover on the Actions button. Click on Export Leads. An alert window will be displayed informing you that you will receive an email with a CSV file containing the lead details.