Manage Leads

Manage lead life-cycle : from capture to close.

How can I make use of the Lead Activity Stream?

Lead activity stream allows you to view activities of your leads in real time. One of the most important use case of this feature is to help sales representatives who want to immediately respond to a prospect or lead activity.  For example, you may want to call a prospect as soon as they clicked your email.

Can I add a duplicate Lead Record in LeadSquared?

No. You will not be able to add a duplicate lead record. LeadSquared does not allow duplicate records. A lead record becomes duplicate if the same email id is used for more than one lead. But you can add a lead with two different email id even though they have the same names.

How does Lead Scoring work?

Lead Score is a numeric value associated with a Lead which allows you to measure its relative importance over other leads in the system.  It allows you to segment hot Leads from the remaining leads.  Lead Score is based on Notable Activities updated against the leads. A Notable Activity is any event that is of importance

How to avoid adding leads having same phone number / mobile number?

Email Address acts as the default lead field to establish uniqueness of the lead record  (apart from the system generated unique identifier field). You would not be able to create two lead records having same email address. You can add duplicity check on additional fields while adding leads manually in LeadSquared web application. Note:  The duplicity constraint will

How to add custom values for Lead Stages?

Lead Stage represents the position of the lead in sales funnel. Leads may be at different levels of engagement with your offers depending upon their awareness, need, interest and budget. The position of a Lead in sales funnel based on its level of engagement is called Lead Stage. By default, LeadSquared is configured with three fundamental Lead

How to get Leads from Zopim Chat in LeadSquared?

LeadSquared provides connector for Zopim that will help in capturing visitors chatting on  your website as Leads in LeadSquared. Prerequisites You should be LeadSquared Administrator to do Zopim Connector Configuration You should have log-in access to the Zopim Chat account you are using for your business. Procedure: Configuring Zopim Connector in LeadSquared Before Adding Zopim connector, add

How to make sure that Lead Distribution App does not execute leads that are created manually?

To understand about Lead Distribution App and how to add and configure the App in LeadSquared, please refer to the following article:  Lead Distribution Automation in LeadSquared And to know how to define the rules  for lead distribution refer to the following article: Creating Lead Distribution Rules How to make sure that Lead Distribution App does not

How to Merge Leads in your LeadSquared Account

You can now Merge duplicate lead records of same lead in your LeadSquared account to one lead. This helps immensely in eliminating multiple duplicate lead records present in your account. Prerequisites: You are logged into LeadSquared Application. Procedure: 1. Navigate to Leads > Manage Leads on Menu bar to reach Manage Leads Page. 2. Spot the duplicate leads either

How to save an excel file as a CSV file?

You can save your excel file (which contains your leads data) in 4 simple steps. Note that your excel file with lead information should not contain special characters. 1. Open your excel file. 2. Click on File and then click on Save As. 3. Enter a relevant File name. 4. In the Save as type selection

How to Select Lead Fields that you want to view on Lead Management page?

LeadSquared allows you to view the lead details that are specific to your requirements. You can customize which details you want to view in the Manage Leads grid. You use this procedure to select Lead Fields that you want to view on Lead Management page. Prerequisites You have logged in to LeadSquared. Procedure 1. Navigate