Manage Leads

Manage lead life-cycle : from capture to close.

I do not see any Leads / Lists / Email Campaigns / Landing Pages in LeadSquared. What could be wrong?

There might a few reason why this might be happening. First, ensure that you have not applied any filters in the Manage Leads/Lists/Email Campaigns/Landing Pages page. If you select a wrong filter criteria, you will not see anything in the grid. In the image below, you can see that there no leads present because the

Lead Distribution Automation in LeadSquared

Lead Distribution App automatically assigns leads to users in your LeadSquared account based on pre-defined rules. Example: You may want to distribute leads based on its location, interest, industry type and so on. With the Lead Distribution App, you can build a series of rules and assign leads to one specific user or to a user among

Lead Form Customization

Manage Forms Setting helps in customizing Lead Add/Edit and Details forms inside LeadSquared. You need to be LeadSquared Administrator to access this setting at My Account > Settings > Manage Custom Fields -> Manage Forms You can customize the following forms: 1) Add New Lead Form 2) Quick Add Lead Form 3) Add Lead Form on Mobile You will able to choose

Request History

Request History is an option in Settings page which shows the status of all Asynchronous requests raised by a User. Asynchronous request refers to request like Delete All Leads in List, Lead Export etc… Navigate to MyAccount > Settings>Account Settings>Click on Request History. Click on Request History, Administrator can see all logs raised by different users

Sales Activity Management

Sales Activity Management module lets you to add and manage revenue generated from customers. You can add different products and services provided by your company at one place and track the overall revenue generated. To configure, your sales activity settings navigate to My Account -> Settings -> Customization > Sales Activity Settings Note: If the set-up has already been

Settings: Managing Lead Sources

Lead Source Management setting is the  list of all sources, a Lead can be associated with. Examples of Lead Sources Following are commonly used Lead Sources. Organic Search When Lead comes through regular search on search engines. For example, if a person come to your website after finding it in search result on a search engine

What are the possible scenarios during which I may encounter errors during importing leads?

Your leads may be present in a spreadsheet, or  a database application such as MS Access, or in any other software application. You will have to first export the lead details to a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. Or if you have leads in an Excel file, you can save it as a CSV file. You can upload

Clone a Lead

You can clone a lead in your LeadSquared account and create a quick lead that has common data (in several fields)  with the lead that is being cloned. For e.g., if you are have multiple leads from same organization, the leads are likely to have similar data in several fields. This option helps in creating new

How do I configure Twilio SMS provider with LeadSquared

Leadsquared integrates with Twilio SMS provider. To send SMS’s to leads across the world, you need to add and configure SMS app in your login. Please follow the below procedure to configure & setup Twilio SMS service with your Leadsquared account. Prerequisite You must be an Admin User of your LeadSquared Account You must have created

Validate existence and validity of Email Ids

Use our Email Validator Service to validate the Email Id’s of your Leads/Contacts One of the biggest challenges in Email marketing is to make sure of the validity of subscribers’ Email ids. Invalid Email IDs can result in high bounce rates which impacts the reputation of the sender and future delivery of your Emails. We have