Manage Leads

Manage lead life-cycle : from capture to close.

Dependent Lead Fields

This feature allows you to create a dependency between two or more drop-down lead fields. You can create dependency between any two drop-down lead fields by selecting them as the parent and the child fields respectively. This dependency can be used in the various Lead Create forms of LeadSquared. Example:  You can create dependency between two drop-down lead fields,

Determining the Drop-down Lead Fields to Create Dependency

You can create dependency between system defined drop-down lead fields or custom drop-down lead fields. Determine the lead drop-down fields for which you want to create the dependency. Note: You cannot use system defined fields ‘Mailing Preferences’ and ‘Stage Rotting Status’ related fields to create dependent lead fields. Also, lead Source and lead Stage fields

How to Import Lead Tags?

Tags can be associated with Leads using tag import operation.  Note that the tags can be associated only with existing leads. So if you have a fresh list then import that first and then perform the tag import operation.    To import lead tags: From the default LeadSquared dashboard, go to Leads -> Manage Leads. The

How to Create a Multi Select Dropdown Field?

A drop-down selection allows you to search through a large list of choices. A Multi-Select drop-down field allows you to select multiple values in a drop-down list. This article explains how to create multiple selection drop-down fields in your LeadSquared system. These fields are used in the various Lead forms, APIs, Landing Pages and the

How to Use and Customize the Lead Details vCard?

The Lead Details vCard allows you to view, edit and share the Lead Details from the Lead Details window. The fields of this vCard are customizable. Prerequisite You should be an Administrator user of your LeadSquared system to customize the fields of the Lead Details vCard form from the Settings section. Procedure How to Access

How to Add and Manage Custom Activity Tabs in the Lead Details Window?

The tabs feature in the Lead Details window allows you view and add various Activity tabs to your Lead Details window. The Add New Tab feature allows you create and manage the tabs you want to view in your Lead Details window. Use The various activity tabs allows you to view the various activities, tasks, details

How to Preserve Historical Created On date for leads while importing them in LeadSquared?

This article helps you to understand how to import the CreatedOn field while doing a Lead import using a CSV file in your LeadSquared CRM. The CreatedOn field contains the date and time of when the Lead was created in your CRM. For more information on how to import Leads using a CSV file into your LeadSquared

Manage Activities

This is an activity management feature of your LeadSquared account which allows you manage and associate sales or custom activities to Leads at one place. Using this feature, you can: Associate any sales or custom activities to leads at one place Search leads which falls under a particular custom activity type or sales activity Search