Manage Lists

Segment leads based on who they are and what they like doing

How can I send a follow up email to leads who opened my previous Email Campaign?

LeadSquared allows you to nurture your leads by sending them follow up emails. You can easily create lists of those who opened the previous emails that you sent. By creating such lists you can send follow up emails to leads. You use this procedure to send follow up emails to leads who opened your previous

How to delete a Lead or groups of Leads or all leads?

You can delete a Lead or groups of Leads from your LeadSquared account permanently. Note: Leads will be deleted permanently from your LeadSquared Account. All activities and email information will be removed. This action can not be undone and lost data can not be recovered. Prerequisites: 1. You should be an Admin User of your

How to perform ‘Bulk update’ on all leads within a list

A list is a collection of leads. These leads are grouped together based on specific criteria. LeadSquared list management, allows to perform bulk update on a desired field within the list. Prerequisites You have logged into your LeadSquared account. Existing leads present in the list. Procedure Navigate to Leads > Manage List > Open the

How to perform bulk update on Lead records?

Leadsquared allows you to perform bulk update on a desired field for a series of lead records. Prerequisites You have logged into your Leadsquared account. Procedure You can filter leads based on specific criteria & perform bulk update on them. To know about Advanced search, please follow this help article: How do I use the Advanced

Customize LeadSquared Application Logo

Custom Logo provides you ability to replace the standard LeadSquared application logo with your company’s logo. Only Administrator can customize the application logo. To setup your own logo follow the following steps: 1. Go to Settings -> Company Profile -> Custom Logo and click on Upload Logo button. 2. Click on Upload button 3. Click on

Request History

Request History is an option in Settings page which shows the status of all Asynchronous requests raised by a User. Asynchronous request refers to request like Delete All Leads in List, Lead Export etc… Navigate to MyAccount > Settings>Account Settings>Click on Request History. Click on Request History, Administrator can see all logs raised by different users

Send Quick Email to a List of Leads

From TITANIUM release onwards, the list management feature allows you to send bulk email to a desired list from your Leadsquared login. There are several ways of interacting with Leads through email in LeadSquared: Send Email Campaigns Send one-to-one Emails to Leads from Manage Leads page OR List details page Send Automated scheduled series of

Clone a Lead

You can clone a lead in your LeadSquared account and create a quick lead that has common data (in several fields)  with the lead that is being cloned. For e.g., if you are have multiple leads from same organization, the leads are likely to have similar data in several fields. This option helps in creating new

How do I configure Twilio SMS provider with LeadSquared

Leadsquared integrates with Twilio SMS provider. To send SMS’s to leads across the world, you need to add and configure SMS app in your login. Please follow the below procedure to configure & setup Twilio SMS service with your Leadsquared account. Prerequisite You must be an Admin User of your LeadSquared Account You must have created

How do I add social share buttons on email

Social Share buttons is an add on, which enables you to share the information across multiple social media sites. Adding social share buttons on your email, it  serve to promote your business/services on social media sites. By this approach improves user visits from social media sites to your website. To know the steps to create