Manage Lists

Segment leads based on who they are and what they like doing

‘Star’ your Leads

Mark you Leads with ‘Star’ flag to discover them easily. You can now ‘Star’ your leads in Manage Leads page to highlight and discover them easily. These leads will be automatically listed in ‘Starred Leads List’ available in Manage Lists section for you. Meaning; Once a Lead is marked ‘Star’ > The lead gets added to

How do I configure MSG91 SMS provider with LeadSquared

It is now possible to integrate MSG91 SMS service with LeadSquared. Please follow the below procedure to configure & setup MSG91 SMS service with your Leadsquared account. Prerequisite You must be an Admin User of your LeadSquared Account. You must have created an account with MSG91 SMS service You must have MSG91 – API key. Procedure

LeadSquared Forms in WordPress

This module allows you to use LeadSquared form.

How to add Conversion Button in a Landing Page?

You can use a Conversion Button directly on a landing page besides the conventional way of using it in a form. The purpose of this would be to redirect the user to your company’s website, or to allow the user to download any document, or may be even to encourage users to try out your company’s

How to embed Google maps in a landing page

You use this procedure to embed lead capture forms on your website. Prerequisites • You have logged into LeadSquared. • You have searched for your desired location in Google maps You can embed a basic map or driving directions to your landing page from google maps. When your visitors are signed in to Google, they

How to embed Flash (.swf) file in landing pages

Flash files can be embedded in LeadSquared landing pages. Note that the flash (.swf) file should be hosted in a server, which means it should have a URL. Please contact if you need any assistance with the flash file URLs. Prerequisites:   You have logged in to LeadSquared. You have hosted the flash file

How to export or backup your existing Leads/Lead Details?

You can backup the leads in your LeadSquared system by exporting them. The Exported Leads is sent to your LeadSquared Email in CSV Format.  To do this: From the default LeadSquared dashboard, go to Leads -> Manage Leads. The Managed Leads window appears. Select Export Leads under Bulk Actions. The Export Leads pop-up box appears. Note:

Use your own Custom HTML to design Email Template

In Email library you can use your own custom built HTML templates to design Email templates. This allows you  to purchase HTML templates from a third party and use “as is” in LeadSquared Email editor.  This allows pre-tested responsive Email templates to work in all the platforms of the LeadSquared applications. To do this: From the default LeadSquared Dashboard, go to Content-> Email

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