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Segment leads based on who they are and what they like doing

Alliance Infotech

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Neox Dial Centre Solution

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SparkTG Connector

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Tag your Leads

Lead Tagging feature now enables Users to associate leads with relevant Tags. Tagging is a quick way to add a label to a lead, for easy identification of Leads. Users can now put tags to leads to label them with words or phrases. The intent of tagging would be to describe certain attributes that are not captured in lead fields or

How to Bulk-update Task Owner in Tasks List

The bulk update option in tasks management allows user to change the owner of multiple tasks at once. Please follow the below steps to perform bulk-update task owner on list of tasks. Note: You can change the owner of task with status:- Pending and Overdue. Procedure As shown below, on tasks page using filters you

How to read Lead Distribution Analysis (3 dimensional)

LeadSquared provides powerful analytics around marketing and sales to help you fine-tune your business processes. Now we have added one more report to make you understand how Lead Distribution happens in your account. This report is accessible  Reports -> Lead Insights -> Lead Distribution Analysis – 3 fields . This report works on based on 3 fields as explained

How to read Activity by Users Report

LeadSquared provides powerful analytics as a part of its product. Now we have added one more report to make you understand how Activities posted by users are being counted. This report will explain you the number of activities performed by your users . Activity Owner – The users in your account who have performed an activity on

Bulk update of leads in Lists

LeadSquared allows you to perform bulk update on a desired field for all lead records in a list. Prerequisites You have logged into your LeadSquared account. You have created a list of leads. Procedure You can update all leads of a list together using Update All Leads option under ‘List Actions’. Navigate to LEADS >

Specific Scenarios in Dependent Lead Fields

There are various special scenarios you may encounter while you are using the Dependent Fields feature of LeadSquared. They are explained below: You cannot select a child field which has ‘Lock After Create‘ enabled from the Lead Field Properties. Please see the below images for reference. While creating Dependency, child field which is checked for Use in Lead

Check Dependent Fields in a Form

To check if the dependent leads are applied in a managed LeadSquared form: Go to Leads -> Manage Leads and click Quick Add Lead. The Add New Lead pop-up box appears. You can view that the dependency fields Country and Trial State is added to the form. The child field is indicated by .