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Segment leads based on who they are and what they like doing

Email to List Reports

The Email to List Report allows you analyze the performance of the Emails you had sent to a list of Leads. The Report allows you know the success/failure rate of the Emails through various metrics available in the report. Prerequisite You have logged into LeadSquared. You have created and sent the email to the List of

LeadSquared Google AdWords Data Sync App

This app captures all source and click information from your Google Adwords accounts for your Lead capture in LeadSquared. Using this app, all ad submission data such as keywords, campaign details, ad network details and so on is available at your Lead details window as an activity. Prerequisite You should have a Google AdWords account You

How to Map data from OpinMonster with LeadSquared using Lead Marketplace App?

This Help Article explains how to integrate data from OptinMonster to the corresponding Lead Fields of LeadSquared using the Lead Marketplace App. For more information on the installation and working of Lead Marketplace App, refer to Lead Marketplace App. Prerequisite You must be an administrator user of your LeadSquared system. The Lead Marketplace App must be