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How to update your Lead location using the LeadSquared Mobile App and use the My Location History Report?

The Update Lead Location feature of your LeadSquared mobile app allows you to update the location details of a Lead while visiting the Lead. The LeadSquared mobile app detects your current location and updates the Address field in the corresponding Lead Details page. Prerequisite LeadSquared Android Mobile App version 5.2 higher. You should be logged

How to set up Custom Tabs for your LeadSquared Mobile Application?

This help article allows you to understand how to set up custom tabs using the Custom Tab Connector for your LeadSquared Mobile Application. This allows you to get any required additional information as custom tabs to the Lead Details page of your LeadSquared mobile application. Before you understand how to set up custom tabs for

How to Record Inbound/Outbound Calls for Leads in the LeadSquared Application?

The Inbound/Outbound calls for Leads is captured as an Activity along with the call recording for the corresponding Lead in the Lead Details window. You have to set the permissions from the Web Application of LeadSquared in order for this feature to work. Prerequisite The call activity should be for a Lead which exists in

How to make Outbound Calls and Configure Auto Response SMS from the LeadSquared Mobile App?

This article explains how to make outbound calls from your LeadSquared Mobile App. The following features are explained in the article: How to make outbound calls from the LeadSquared Mobile App without using the LeadSquared web application and how inbound/outbound calls are captured as activities in the Lead Details page? How to send SMS to

Mobile App Permissions

The Mobile App Permissions settings in your LeadSquared CRM allows you to offline access your Leads on mobile devices. This allows you to access, update and also create new leads while you are offline (not connected to the net) in your mobile devices. It also allows you to set permission for call recording and tracking location for your

How to Configure Mobile App Notifications

Configure notification for your Leadsquared application in your mobile. Set up device notifications for your users using LeadSquared mobile app. You can setup notifications for task reminders, new leads and lead assignments for your users. Follow the the below instruction to install and configure mobile app notification. Log on to your LeadSquared account in a web browser .

Customizing Lead Data on Mobile

LeadSquared Mobile App can be customized to show only selected lead  fields in specified order. This article will help you in doing the customization. Prerequisite: You must be admin user of LeadSquared.   Customizing Lead Data on Mobile Login to LeadSquared and navigate to My Account -> Settings -> Customization -> Lead Forms. Select “Create Lead Form

How to get LeadSquared Mobile App?

LeadSquared mobile app is available on iOS and Android. Click on the app store image to access it. LeadSquared app for mobile helps marketers and sales people to manage their sales leads, find leads which are more likely to close, manage their sales follow-ups, analyze the lead data and view results of various marketing campaigns.   Features on Mobile