Email to List Reports

The Email to List Report allows you analyze the performance of the Emails you had sent to a list of Leads. The Report allows you know the success/failure rate of the Emails through various metrics available in the report. Prerequisite You have logged into LeadSquared. You have created and sent the email to the List of

How to schedule a LeadSquared Report?

You can schedule the delivery of your LeadSquared report to your LeadSquared Email address. The scheduled report is delivered and is available only to the user who schedules it. Note: The schedule feature for Reports is not available to all the LeadSquared Reports. If you want the schedule feature enabled for any of the Reports, please

How to find deleted leads using Deleted Leads History Report?

This article explains how to find deleted leads from your LeadSquared system using the Deleted Leads History Report. Prerequisite You should be an administrative user of the LeadSquared system in order to use this report. Procedure To access the Deleted Leads History Report: From your default dashboard of your LeadSquared system, go to Reports -> Reports

Lead Stage Distribution (Time-period wise) Report

LeadSquared’s Lead Stage Distribution allows you to view the number of leads allocated to a particular lead stage over a time period. This allows you to analyze the type of leads arriving in your LeadSquared system over a particular time period. To access this Report: From your default LeadSquared dashboard, go to Reports -> Reports Home.

How to measure and track performance of sales team using User Performance Report?

LeadSquared allows you analyse the performance of your sales team through the the User Performance Report. This report shows you the list of users (sales team) that have performed various activities and also shows you the associated score for each user. You use this article to learn how to effectively measure the performance of your