Tasks & Activities

Manage current and future tasks on Leads. Capture all Lead Activities.

How to create Tasks and schedule Reminders?

The tasks and reminders feature of Leadsquared allows you to create follow-ups for your Leads and also schedule associated reminders. Setting reminders for a task generates emails with the details of the upcoming task. Leadsquared also sends an email daily report of all your pending tasks for the corresponding day. To create a task: Click Actions

Managing Task Type

Leadsquared provides flexibility in the type of tasks that users can create to better suit your business requirements. Prerequisites: You should be Admin user to customize the type of Tasks that can be created. Procedure: Go to My Account >Settings>Customization>Task Types. You will see the page like shown below : By default, Leadsquared has three

How to trigger SMS to a Lead after an activity is added?

You can send an automated SMS/text-message to your leads when a lead Activity is added in LeadSquared. These text messages are transactional in nature, meaning they can be sent to phone numbers marked DND (do not disturb). But, there will be a limitation to what you can send. Prerequisities: 1) Your SMS connector should be configured

How can I view the status of Tasks of a particular user?

Filter by Task owner option in Manage tasks allows LeadSquared Admin / Marketing user to to view the tasks details of a particular user. Please follow the below procedure to view tasks details of particular user. Procedure 1. Navigate to Leads > Manage Tasks 2. On opening Manage Tasks you’ll see all tasks created on

Can I assign a task to another user?

Yes. You can assign your task to another user. you can also assign another user’s task to some other user, but, only if your role is Admin. You must note that you can assign a task to another user when you create a new task also. For more information, see How to create Tasks and schedule

How to record an offline (e.g. phone interaction) interaction with Lead?

You can add notes after an offline interaction with your lead by navigating to to the Lead Details page. Navigate to Dashboard > Leads > Manage Leads. Click on the desired lead. You will be redirected to the Lead Details page. Here, you can record the offline interaction. Click on Add Notable Activity. Select a

How to create Tasks and schedule Reminders?

The Task Management feature of LeadSquared allows users to create tasks and schedule associated reminders. A task can be just a simple activity that user plans to do in future. The most relevant use case for this feature is to setup follow-up tasks for Leads.  That will allow prompt follow-up of Leads and ability for the team