Telephony and SMS

Capture Leads from phone calls. Make outbound calls. Send personalized SMS to Leads.

Call From Mobile – Initiate phone calls from LeadSquared

This article helps you to understand how to initiate phone calls to your leads using your mobile phone through LeadSquared. Note: This feature needs the user to have LeadSquared Mobile Application on his/her  device. The device must be connected to internet. Currently the feature is available only on android platform. This procedure involves the following steps: Creating a menu

How to use LeadSquared connector for Drishti Ameyo?

The Ameyo Connector allows to use LeadSquared within the Ameyo Contact Centre application. Unlike other LeadSquared connectors, this allows you to embed LeadSquared within the Ameyo application. It allows you to manage lead activities and capture all lead details at one place. Ameyo is an all-in-one customer interaction suite. For more information on Ameyo, visit:

Telephony Logs

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CallRail Connector

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Set Up Call Route Webhook in SR account

Super Receptionist  (SR) is a personal reception hosted virtually in a Cloud Telephony environment. If you are using Super Receptionist for your business, you can integrate it with LeadSquared to capture the lead with its phone number directly in your LeadSquared account. For detailed help with configuring Super Receptionist with your LeadSquared account see: Super Receptionist Connector

How to use LeadSquared connector for mCube?

LeadSquared integrates with mCube, a leading telephony platform in India. This article is under completion. Please contact if you need help on mCube integration.

Ozonetel CloudAgent Connector

LeadSquared integrates with Ozonetel’s CloudAgent contact center application. It helps track incoming and outgoing calls, view details of the lead who is being called, and send phone numbers in static and dynamic lists to outbound campaigns. Connector Features Incoming call logging as leads & activities Outgoing call logging as leads & activities Outbound calls can

Click To Call Settings in Super Receptionist account

To be able to call your leads directly from LeadSquared using Click to Call feature you would need to Enable Click To Call Widget in your SuperReceptionist account. Prerequisites: You have logged in to your Super Receptionist Account. Procedure:  Navigate to Settings > Call Flow > Plan Settings. Scroll down to see Click To Call Widget section

Send SMS to leads across the world

The LeadSquared SMS app allows you to send SMS’s to leads across the world. In order to send SMS’s to your leads, you must integrate Twilio or MSG91 SMS provider with your LeadSquared account. Please check this to configure Twilio SMS provider Please check this to configure MSG91 SMS provider. Note: Only one SMS provider

How do I configure Twilio SMS provider with LeadSquared

Leadsquared integrates with Twilio SMS provider. To send SMS’s to leads across the world, you need to add and configure SMS app in your login. Please follow the below procedure to configure & setup Twilio SMS service with your Leadsquared account. Prerequisite You must be an Admin User of your LeadSquared Account You must have created