Telephony and SMS

Capture Leads from phone calls. Make outbound calls. Send personalized SMS to Leads.

Using LeadSquared Telephony Connector

LeadSquared currently integrates with two cloud telephony platforms: 1. Knowlarity’s Super Receptionist (India) 2. CallRail (USA) To configure Super Receptionist connector, you will find notes here. To learn more about configuring CallRail, refer here.

How to use LeadSquared Ozonetel CloudAgent connector?

LeadSquared integrates with Ozonetel’s CloudAgent contact center application. It helps track incoming and outgoing calls, view details of the lead who is being called, and send phone numbers in static and dynamic lists to outbound campaigns. Connector Features Incoming call logging as leads & activities Outgoing call logging as leads & activities Outbound calls can

How to trigger SMS to a Lead after an activity is added?

You can send an automated SMS/text-message to your leads when a lead Activity is added in LeadSquared. These text messages are transactional in nature, meaning they can be sent to phone numbers marked DND (do not disturb). But, there will be a limitation to what you can send. Prerequisities: 1) Your SMS connector should be configured

Configuring LeadSquared CallRail Connector

CallRail provides trackable phone numbers for your marketing campaigns. LeadSquared connects with CallRail and allows you to capture your phone calls with prospects inside LeadSquared. Note: Below procedure is for CallRail configuration as part of LeadSquared Telephony Connector App. To setup CallRail app, navigate to Apps -> Apps Market place > and select CallRail and click on Install button. To

Sending SMS through LeadSquared

You can send SMS to individual Leads and group of Leads using LeadSquared. Prerequisites: Your SMS connector should be configured and active. Please contact your Admin user if you can’t see SMS feature in LeadSquared. Sending SMS will incur extra cost. Please get in touch with about the cost details. Imp Note The SMS will be sent

Creating SMS Templates

Once the SMS Connector is configured in your LeadSquared account, you will be able to add SMS templates for your frequently used SMS messages. Creating SMS Templates To add SMS templates, navigate to APPS -> SMS Templates 1) Click Add Template button. You will be able to create your own SMS template as illustrated below. You can

Configure LeadSquared SMS Marketing App

To send SMS to leads, add  and configure the SMS Marketing App. Prerequisites: You must be a LeadSquared Administrator user to add and configure SMS Marketing App.  Procedure: Adding and Configuring SMS Marketing App To set up the SMS Marketing app, follow the steps below: Go to Apps -> Apps Market place . Click SMS in the left pane

LeadSquared SMS Marketing Connector

LeadSquared SMS Marketing Connector helps in connecting with your lead via simple text messages.  LeadSquared supports following scenarios of engaging leads through SMS 1) Sending and Autoresponder SMS to leads submitting on Landing Pages 2) Sending a message to individual leads 3) Sending message to List of Leads The SMS templates for individual users of

Transactional vs Promotional SMS

 Transactional SMS: These are SMS messages which are sent to your contacts to pass on information necessary for using your product or service. For example: A message sent by a college to a student about a joining date. A message sent to a lead as confirmation of their online submission A message sent to a

Control Phone number format while capturing leads

In your Landing Pages and Lead Addition forms inside LeadSquared, the country code of phone number field and the format of phone number data can be controlled through config settings in LeadSquared. Follow these steps: Navigate to My Account -> Account Settings -> Company Profile Edit and select a default country code (you can leave it