Video Tutorials

Learn LeadSquared Features and Best Practices through videos

Email Marketing Tutorial: How to Improve Look and Feel of Your Emails with LeadSquared

If your emails are getting opened, but not getting enough clicks, (even with great offers), maybe the look & feel and readability of your email is the problem. This quick video (2 minutes) helps you understand how to fix the look and feel of your emails and enhance their readability in LeadSquared. (You need to be on Step 2: Compose Message of creating

How to Use Lead Quality Score in LeadSquared?

Here’s a video of why you should used Lead Quality Score to qualify your leads, and how can you do it in LeadSquared.

Video Tutorial on using responsive landing page designer

Here is a 20 minute tutorial on using LeadSquared’s responsive Landing Page designer. Responsive Landing Page ” Getting Started Video” from Nilesh Patel on Vimeo.

Help Video: How to Setup Lead Engagement Scoring and Tracking

A short video on best ways to configure lead engagement scoring in LeadSquared.

Help Video – How to do Advanced Search and Create List

In this short video, you will learn segmenting leads based on their demographic and behavioral data.

Help Video – How to create and publish a landing page in LeadSquared?

This video will help you to design, publish and analyze landing pages using LeadSquared: Responsive Landing Page ” Getting Started Video” from Nilesh Patel on Vimeo.

Help Video – Importing leads into LeadSquared

This video shows how to import leads into LeadSquared from a CSV file:

Help Video – Sending Email Campaign

This video will demonstrate of how to send an Email campaign using LeadSquared:

Help Video – Embed a lead capture form on your website

This help video will demonstrate how you can embed a lead capture form on your website:

Help Video – Deploying LeadSquared Tracking Script

This video will guide you on how you can add LeadSquared tracking script to your website.