Lead Tracking

Track online, Email, phone, SMS and offline activities of Leads

How to use Tracking URL feature?

Tracking URL feature in LeadSquared allows you to use landing page in multiple marketing campaigns, such as Facebook, Google Pay Per Click ads and so on. You should use tracking URLs when you’re directing traffic to a landing page from somewhere other than a call-to-action on your own site, like an email blast, PPC campaign,

I have deployed the website tracking script, but visitor visits are not being tracked. What could be the issue?

The possible reasons could be that you have not deployed the tracking script on all pages of your website. Also keep in mind that you have to paste the tracking script exactly as it is, without making any changes. If you make some changes to the script, like pasting it in a single line and

Logging Custom Website Activities

Track custom web events such as button clicks, image clicks or video views.

How do I find if LeadSquared tracking script is on my website?

By installing LeadSquared tracking script on your website, you can track the lead visits on your website in your LeadSquared account. Please see this to know about Installing tracking script on your website. How do I find if LeadSquared tracking script on my website. On successful installation of Leadsquared tracking script on your website, you

Why Do I See a Difference in the Number of Conversions in Adwords and LeadSquared?

Sometimes you would see different conversion numbers in LeadSquared reports and Google Adwords reports. There are several factors, that cause this. Let’s discuss the most commonly observed ones. Before that, you need to understand how Google Adwords reporting works, because there are several “conversion” metrics there, and you might not be looking at the right

Implementing LeadSquared Tracking via Google Tag Manager

Setting up Leadsquared tracking using Google Tag Manager is easy and we can get you started in just a couple of minutes! (Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free application that allows users to add code snippets to their website/mobile application without having to directly access their codebase every time. GTM provides a single script

How to Use Lead Quality Score in LeadSquared?

Here’s a video of why you should used Lead Quality Score to qualify your leads, and how can you do it in LeadSquared.

How to deploy Visitor Tracking Script on your website?

You use this procedure to deploy Visitor Tracking Script on your website

Tracking Landing Page Submission on same Page in Google Analytics and Facebook

LeadSquared offers you to track the visitor trend on same Landing Page by using conversion scripts. If you want to track form submissions using Google conversion script and Facebook conversion pixel code by redirecting visitor to a Thank You page, then click here for help. This article explains the process of tracking form submissions using Google

Capturing Leads from Website forms

You can capture Leads from your website in LeadSquared. There are three common ways of doing it: Embed LeadSquared Forms on your website as iFrame Embed LeadSquared Forms on your website as  HTML For WordPress sites:  Use LeadSquared’s Contact  Form 7 Plugin Use LeadSquared API to capture Leads Embed LeadSquared Forms on your website as iFrame Create a  form