Facebook Lead Ads Connector

LeadSquared allows you to integrate your Facebook Lead Ads (forms) with your account for direct lead Capture.

For detailed step by step guide on how to create Facebook Lead Ads, click the link to our  blogpost below.

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads in 5 Easy Steps

You need to Install and Configure the LeadSquared Facebook Lead Ads connector/app in your LeadSquared Account.


  • You must be an Administrator user of your LeadSquared Account.
  • You should be an Admin of your Facebook Page.
  • You also need to accept certain Facebook terms and conditions before you can run lead ads or do this integration. Here’s where you can accept them. (From the drop-down just select the page for which you wish to run these ads)


Login to LeadSquared. From the main menu go to Apps > Apps Marketplace.

Select Social Media from Categories > you will see Facebook Lead Ads Connector > Click Install.

you will reach the Connector Settings Page where you can configure the Connector.


Click Settings > Configure; a popup dialog box opens > click Connect with Facebook button.

You are redirected to Facebook for authorizing the LeadSquared LeadAd Connector App.

Note: For detailed information on how to use the Advanced Settings feature, refer to How to do the Advanced Settings of the Facebook Lead Ads Connector?

FC 4

Note: In the next step you have to Provide Manage Page permissions.

FC 5

Allow  LeadSquared LeadAds Connector to access “Facebook Ads and Related Stats” by clicking Okay on the next popup.

FB Ads con

Once you authorize the LeadSquared LeadAds connector App, you will be redirected to LeadSquared LeadAds Settings page.

Here you will see the list of all Facebook Pages you are an Admin of.

FC 8

Click Map for the page you want to Integrate with LeadSquared for mapping the Facebook Fields (Questions) with relevant LeadSquared Fields.

Now you are on Mapping page where you will see 3 tabs viz., Default Fields, Additional Fields, Additional Lead Details.

In Default Fields tab all the fields are already mapped for you, however you may change the mapping as required.

FC 9

Click Next to reach Additional Fields tab where you may wish to map the additional Facebook fields as required and Ignore the others.

FC 10

Click Next here to reach Additional Lead Details tab where you can specify the Lead Source for the Leads captured from these forms.

FC 11

Click Save to see a Success Notification.

Now your page is successfully integrated with LeadSquared for Lead Capture.

FC 12

You may edit the mappings if required for the pages integrated by clicking Edit option.

Fcon 1

Similarly you may Map other Facebook pages too to integrate them with LeadSquared for Lead Capture.

Note: Whenever you create a New question in Facebook Lead Ads you would need to Edit the Mapping & Save settings for the changes to be effective