WordPress Plugins by LeadSquared

A lot of our customers use WordPress to host their websites. 19% of the world’s websites are on WordPress. We love WordPress too – Our Website, our help portal is all on WordPress!

Given that Website is at the center of all digital marketing activities, one of our key goals is to provide WordPress plugins to our customers so that their Website is optimized for lead generation. We are working hard on building several WordPress plugins, so please check out this page for updates!

Released Plugins

  1. LeadSquared Tracking Script Installer – this plugin will enable you to install LeadSquared tracking script on your WordPress powered website. Download it here.
  2. LeadSquared Website Topbar - Website Topbar helps you direct your website visitors to a web page that matters to you. You can use it to direct your visitors to your product purchase page, your webinar registration page, your newsletter sign-up page or any landing page that matters. It is a very easy to use plugin with complete configuration of the text and colors of the bar. You can even control how long you want to display it. You will find it here.
  3. Contact Form 7 LeadSquared Connector – This plugin enables you to send data from your Contact Form 7 forms to LeadSquared. It supports multiple forms, and allows you to map the fields in your forms to corresponding LeadSquared fields.  You can download it here.
  4. Comments to LeadSquared Connector –  If you would like to track the comments that your website visitors (your prospects!) post on your WordPress blog, then this is the right connector for you. The comment details are added as leads and activities inside LeadSquared. You will find it here.


More coming soon!

Do you have any cool WordPress plugin ideas that can help in lead generation? Please write to us on support@leadsquared.com