LeadSquared Getting Started Guide for Marketing Users

Welcome to LeadSquared. The purpose of this document is to provide you step by step guidance on the setting up and using of LeadSquared as a Marketing User.

Step 1: Log on to LeadSquared

Log on to LeadSquared using your username and password at run.leadsquared.com. If you do not have your login credentials, please check with your LeadSquared Administrator.

Step 2: Update your Personal Settings

Update your Profile Manage your personal details Help
Update your Password Update your LeadSquared password Help
Update Email Signature My Email Signature Help
Manage Report Subscriptions Allows you to manage which reports you want to subscribe Help
View Request History Allows you to view history of all bulk export, delete and other requests Help

Step 3: Customize Lead Stages and Sources

Update Lead Stages Capture the stage that define your sales – from new lead to closure. Help
Update Lead Sources Populate the sources from which you get or expect to get the leads. Help

Step 4: Customize Lead Activities and Scores

Update Score of Core Activities Customize lead score of core activities like Email open/click, website visit and so on to know how active is the lead with your business. Help
Create Custom Activities Use this to create your own Lead Activities that sales or inside sales employees can associate with the leads. Help

Step 5: Customize Sales Activity Settings

Manage products Create the list of products/services that you sell. Help
Sales Activity Settings Configure basic details about your sales activities Help
Sales Activity Fields Customize the fields you want to see on sales activity Help

Step 6: Manage Task Types

Manage Task Type Allows you to manage multiple Task Types and configure their properties Help

Step 7: Manage Tags

Manage Tags Allows you to manage marketing tags Help

Step 8: Install Tracking Script

Website Tracking Script for WordPress Sites Use this option if your website is hosted on WordPress. We have a plugin to install our tracking script.  Help
Website Tracking Script for other Sites*  You will need to copy/paste our tracking script on all our pages for non-WordPress websites.  Help

*Available in Standard and higher plans.

Step 9:  Manage Website and Landing page domains

You need to add website domains that can be tracked.  For each website domain you add multiple landing page sub-domains.

Website Domains Allows to connect websites to LeadSquared for tracking. Help
Landing Page Domains Allows to connect landing pages to LeadSquared for tracking. Help
Multi-domain setup* Allows to track website visits on multiple domains. Help

*Available in Standard and higher plans.

Step 10:  Manage Email Link tracking domain

Email Link Tracking domain Allows tracking of website visits after leads open email through LeadSquared. Help

Step 11:  Setup Lead Quality Criteria

Lead Quality Criteria Allows to measure lead quality using custom quality rules. It helps to identify the leads that are close to your ‘Ideal customer profile‘. Help

Step 12Setup Lead Engagement Scoring

Engagement Score * Allows to capture the engagement level of leads with your business. You can create your own custom rules of engagement scoring. Help

*Available in Standard and higher plans

Step 13:  Email Settings

Email Categories Allows leads to selectively subscribe/unsubscribe from specific types of emails rather than completely Unsubscribing from all emails. Help
Landing Page Auto response You can create a custom email template for automated email that can be sent when landing page submission happens. Help

Step 14: Rules & Notifications

Rules and Notifications * This feature allows you to automate user notifications based on lead events. For example, you can notify your sales reps whenever any lead visits pricing page of your website. Help

*Available in Standard and higher plans

Step 15: Manage the Content in LeadSquared

Email Library Allows you to create templates for Email communication. Help
Images and Documents Allows you to manage the images and documents which is used in LeadSquared. These are used in the landing page designer and email composer. Help

Step 16: Manage the Marketing Features of LeadSquared

Email Campaign Allows you to design and create feature rich Email Campaigns which can be scheduled, tracked and analyzed. Help
Drip Campaign Allows you to send automated Emails triggered by events. Help
Landing Pages Allows you to create Landing Pages and analyze lead conversions Help
Website Widgets Allows you to create various website widgets for lead capture. Help

Step 17: Manage the Leads in LeadSquared

Manage Leads Allows you to create and manage leads at one place. It also allows you to manage lead activities. Help
Manage Tasks Allows you to create tasks and reminders for your leads. Help
Manage Lists Allows you to categorize your leads into various lists based on your preference. Help

Step 18: Manage Reports & Dashboards

Dashboards Allows you to capture the important marketing and sales indicators in a chosen time-frame. Help
Reports Provides analytics around marketing and sales to help you fine tune your business processes using various reports. Help

Step 19:  Attend Training and Start Using

Our customer success team will organize a usage training for you. Attend and get started.


Check help.leadsquared.com or write to support@leadsquared.com for any queries.

You can also download this document in PDF format from below: