Product Updates

[13-July-17] Introducing Activity Grid

Manage Activities allow you to manage and view notable activities. It would be ease to manage any ‘custom entity’ related to Lead/Contact.
Navigate to Leads -> Manage Activities

Sales activities would show up by default for all accounts. You can also configure additional custom activities and their forms.

Introducing Permission Templates for field level access control

Permission Templates allows administrators to create a set of permissions that can later be assigned to a specific user, group or a role.

For example there can be a permission template called “Restrict Source update” which does not allow any user with that template to update lead source.

  • In this version, you can control these permissions:
    • Which fields can a user update while Creating a lead.
    • Which fields can be modified by a user during Lead Update
    • Export leads
    • Import leads
    • Delete leads

For detailed information on this, refer to: Permission templates

New actions in Rules and notifications feature

Add Activity action
This is detailed in the latter section of this article.

Activity update:
Allows you to start the event for the selected custom activity or sales activity. Only custom activities or sales activity can selected from the Activity Type drop-down list.

This is detailed in the latter section of this article.

Empower your Automations with new Actions and Trigger

New Trigger and Actions has been added to Automations

Activity Update Trigger

[15-Jun-2017] Zap your Apps with LeadSquared (Zapier Integration)

We are happy to support Zapier Integration. It will help you connect 750+ apps to your LeadSquared system!

You can access Zapier Connector on our Apps Marketplace. (Apps -> Apps Marketplace -> Generic Integration)

We have created some ZAPS for your convenience, For more details visit our blog on Zapier Integration
and our Help Document.

Please write to to get your questions answered.


[20-May-17] You can now set ‘Phone number’ or a ‘Custom Field’ as unique

This allows you to uniquely identify a Lead using phone number. By making the phone number field unique, a LeadSquared user is not able to create a Lead record with duplicate phone number value.

This is explained in the latter section of this article.


You can make a custom field unique in your LeadSquared CRM. This allows you to uniquely identify a Lead in LeadSquared.
Examples like Student ID, Driving Licence number, Citizen ID number and so on could be made a unique identifier in your LeadSquared account

This is explained in the latter section of this article.


[19-May-17] Restrict ‘user access’ to LeadSquared based on IP address

The Restriction using IP Whitelisting setting of LeadSquared allows you restrict user access to LeadSquared using IP address. You will be able to add the list of IP addresses using this setting. Only users whose IP addresses are included in this list will be able to log into LeadSquared.

Note: This feature is only available for Enterprise plan customers.



[16-May-17] Introducing ‘Automation’ – a Powerful Workflow Designer

The Automation feature of your LeadSquared allows you to create visual workflows for various events. You can automate your workflow from start to finish and also determine the direction of the workflow based on the conditions and actions that you provide

Here is the help articles:
1. Automation feature of LeadSquared
2. How to Create an Automation?

If you aren’t able to see this feature under Marketing-> Automations,
Please reach out to

[10-May-17] Restrict “From Address” in emails

Administrators can now restrict users to send emails on behalf of other users / lead owner.  This can be controlled at Role level.

The setting is available in Settings -> Email Settings -> From Address Restrictions

For detailed information on this, refer From Address Restrictions

restrictions window

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