[02-March-17] Email to List Reports and CreatedOn Import

Email to List Reports now available from the Email Campaign window which allows you to view the Reports of Emails which is sent to a list using Email Campaign wizard or directly to a Lead list from the Manage Lists window.

Email to list report

Email to list report1

You can now import the CreatedOn (datetime field which contains Lead creation date) field while doing a Lead import. This is particularly useful if you are importing data from your previous CRM systems.

For more information on Lead import, refer to How to import leads to LeadSquared?

All Updates

Empowered ‘Permission Templates’

Lead Field Masking and Activity access control has been

Lead Field Masking – Specific lead fields can now be hidden/masked through permission templates.

Activity Access Control – admins can now create permission templates which can help limit access to specific activity types on specific actions (view, create, edit, delete)

For detailed information on this, refer 
Masking/Hiding Lead Fields and Activities through Permission Templates\

User Management gets a new look

You can now associate several additional fields for Users. This includes custom fields that can be used based on business needs.

The User creation screens have been enhanced, and so has the Manage Users list.
The User list grid can now be customized and a user can choose the required fields on the grid.

This is explained in the latter section of this article.

Simplified features to Automation

  • You can now associate an ‘advanced search condition’ at the Automation trigger.
  • Notify Actions – Activity fields are now available to be mail merged.
  • All automation actions have an internal retry mechanism to improve the overall reliability
  • Failure notifications can be setup in Webhook Action
  • Automation Reports have been revamped
  • Date based triggers possible thru AutomationsThis is explained in the latter section of these below articles –
    Create an automation,

    You can now associate an ‘advanced search condition’ at the Automation trigger.

    Notify Actions – Activity fields are now available to be mail merged.

    Failure notifications can be setup in Webhook Action

    Date based triggers


Now you can do more with your Mobile App:

Here are some of our recent updates

  • Ability to Send Texts in Bulk to Leads

You can send multiple leads a text at once from either the Lead List or send it to the Leads found near you. You can send upto 20 messages at a time. Find out how.

  • Find leads near you

The ability to detect and locate leads near you, within a definite range, is now available on both the Android & iOS Apps. Get the Location Updater App that can mark your leads on the map and find the best route to reach them. You can also switch between your leads and all leads you have permissions for to view their details & activities in one place. Know more.

  • Update lead location right from the field.

Update a leads address from their location while on the move, right from your mobile app

  • Track your daily activity on App

Track your daily activities, check in -check out data and distance travelled with the help of the Location History Report.

See how.

  • Access third party apps without switching screens

Configure your frequently visited or most used third party apps (like Gmail, Outlook, GoToMeeting etc.) as Custom Tabs in the Menu. Now, you can view them right from within the LeadSquared app without having to switch screens. The ‘Custom Menu for Mobile App’ connector will help you here. See how to set it up.


[13-July-17] Introducing Activity Grid

Manage Activities allow you to manage and view notable activities. It would be ease to manage any ‘custom entity’ related to Lead/Contact.
Navigate to Leads -> Manage Activities

Sales activities would show up by default for all accounts. You can also configure additional custom activities and their forms.

To configure a custom activity go to Settings -> Customization -> Custom Activities & Scores -> Edit an Activity

Introducing Permission Templates for field level access control

Permission Templates allows administrators to create a set of permissions that can later be assigned to a specific user, group or a role.

For example there can be a permission template called “Restrict Source update” which does not allow any user with that template to update lead source.

  • In this version, you can control these permissions:
    • Which fields can a user update while Creating a lead.
    • Which fields can be modified by a user during Lead Update
    • Export leads
    • Import leads
    • Delete leads

For detailed information on this, refer to: Permission templates

New actions in Rules and notifications feature

Add Activity action
This is detailed in the latter section of this article.

Activity update:
Allows you to start the event for the selected custom activity or sales activity. Only custom activities or sales activity can selected from the Activity Type drop-down list.

This is detailed in the latter section of this article.

Empower your Automations with new Actions and Trigger

New Trigger and Actions has been added to Automations

Activity Update Trigger

Add Activity

Send SMS

[15-Jun-2017] Zap your Apps with LeadSquared (Zapier Integration)

We are happy to support Zapier Integration. It will help you connect 750+ apps to your LeadSquared system!

You can access Zapier Connector on our Apps Marketplace. (Apps -> Apps Marketplace -> Generic Integration)

We have created some ZAPS for your convenience, For more details visit our blog on Zapier Integration
and our Help Document.

Please write to support@leadsquared.com to get your questions answered.



[20-May-17] You can now set ‘Phone number’ or a ‘Custom Field’ as unique

This allows you to uniquely identify a Lead using phone number. By making the phone number field unique, a LeadSquared user is not able to create a Lead record with duplicate phone number value.

This is explained in the latter section of this article.


You can make a custom field unique in your LeadSquared CRM. This allows you to uniquely identify a Lead in LeadSquared.
Examples like Student ID, Driving Licence number, Citizen ID number and so on could be made a unique identifier in your LeadSquared account

This is explained in the latter section of this article.


Screen capture of a phone number field to mark as unique

Screen capture of a custom field to mark as unique