Product Updates

[20-Mar-17] Personalize your Lead Details view

Lead Details window now allows
(1) Ability to add your own tabs with activities that matter to you.
(2) View tabs in a list and navigate, set default.
(3) Refresh the contents of tab
(4) and drag/drop tabs horizontally to re-order them

For more information regarding this changes, refer to


enhanced lead detail

[20-Mar-17] Enable browser notifications for Task Reminders

You can now enable browser notifications for Task Reminders in your LeadSquared system. Notifications pop-up based on the remind time you set while creating a task.

For detailed information on this, refer to
How to Set Web Browser Notifications for Task Reminders in your LeadSquared CRM?


[02-March-17] Email to List Reports and CreatedOn Import

Email to List Reports now available from the Email Campaign window which allows you to view the Reports of Emails which is sent to a list using Email Campaign wizard or directly to a Lead list from the Manage Lists window.

Email to list report

Email to list report1

You can now import the CreatedOn (datetime field which contains Lead creation date) field while doing a Lead import. This is particularly useful if you are importing data from your previous CRM systems.

For more information on Lead import, refer to How to import leads to LeadSquared?

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[30-Jan-17] Alignment of Activities Tab in Lead Details Page

The lead details feature change is now updated in the Lead Details Help Article.
The Activities Tab of the Lead Details Page is now moved to the top of the Lead Details.

For more information regarding this feature change, refer to Leads: Lead Details


[18-Jan-17] Customize the Lead Metrics & Lead Properties

The Metric Section below the lead details displays field values like Lead Score, Lead Quality and so on. You can customize this area to show field values of your choiceNote: The Metric Section allows only numerical lead fields.

The Lead Properties section allows you to view and edit the the lead properties like Lead Owner, Lead Source and so on. This area is customizable and can be replaced with the Lead Fields of your choice.

This is explained in the latter section of this article.

[18-Jan-17] Inplace editing of Lead Details vCard

You can now view, edit and share the Lead Details of the vCard from Lead Details window. The fields of this vCard are customizable.  Here is the help article.

[18-Jan-2017] Notes and Completed Tasks can now be found in Activity History

Activity History will now show Notes and completed tasks. The filter on the lead details page has options to show/hide Notes and Tasks.

[18-Jan-2017] Get Email Campaign Statistics thru API

You can now fetch the delivery, open/click report of email campaigns sent in a given time-frame via API:
Retrieve Campaign Statistics