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[30-Jan-17] Alignment of Activities Tab in Lead Details Page

The lead details feature change is now updated in the Lead Details Help Article.
The Activities Tab of the Lead Details Page is now moved to the top of the Lead Details.

For more information regarding this feature change, refer to Leads: Lead Details


[18-Jan-17] Customize the Lead Metrics & Lead Properties

The Metric Section below the lead details displays field values like Lead Score, Lead Quality and so on. You can customize this area to show field values of your choiceNote: The Metric Section allows only numerical lead fields.

The Lead Properties section allows you to view and edit the the lead properties like Lead Owner, Lead Source and so on. This area is customizable and can be replaced with the Lead Fields of your choice.

This is explained in the latter section of this article.

[18-Jan-17] Inplace editing of Lead Details vCard

You can now view, edit and share the Lead Details of the vCard from Lead Details window. The fields of this vCard are customizable.  Here is the help article.

[18-Jan-2017] Notes and Completed Tasks can now be found in Activity History

Activity History will now show Notes and completed tasks. The filter on the lead details page has options to show/hide Notes and Tasks.

[18-Jan-2017] Get Email Campaign Statistics thru API

You can now fetch the delivery, open/click report of email campaigns sent in a given time-frame via API:
Retrieve Campaign Statistics

[18-Jan-2017] Bulk Create or Update API

We have introduced bulk version of Create or Update API: Bulk Create or Update. It can be used to create/update upto 25 records in one go.

[18-Jan-2017] New Activity API to get activities of lead by date range

You can now pull activities of a given lead by specifying a date: Get Activities by date range.

[18-Jan-2017] New APIs to manage Lead Notes

The Notes associated with leads can be now accessed and managed thru APIs.  Following APIs have been added:

  1. Get Lead Notes
  2. Add Note
  3. Update Note
  4. Delete Note

[19-Oct-16] New Feature: Use LeadSquared to initiate & track call to leads via your mobile phone

You can now LeadSquared to initiate & track call to leads via your mobile phone. All you need is an android phone with working SIM, internet access and LeadSquared Mobile App. You can initiate calls to leads from web application and the call will be place thru your mobile. After the call, activity will be recorded in LeadSquared. Here is the help article.