Product Updates

[17-Oct-16] Introducing multi select drop down fields

In the product update that happened today (17th Oct 16), we have introduced a new type of lead field — multi select drop-downs.  For example a field with list of cities/courses/products where multiple options can be selected.  Here is the help article: Multi select drop down fields.

[07-Oct-16] New APIs

We have added many new APIs in last few weeks. Here is a partial list. For full list of APIs, visit:

  1. Lead Capture:   A generic API to capture Leads It takes care of creating or updating lead based on the attributes provided in message body. It can be used in place of  Lead.Create, Lead.Update, Lead.Convert, Lead.CreateOrUpdate.
  2.  Get Lead Field Properties:  An extension of LeadsMetaData.Get to get properties of a specific lead field
  3. Get Leads by date range: Returns the list of leads that got updated in a specified date range.
  4. Create Custom Field:  API to create a custom field.
  5. Tag Management APIs:  New APIs to read, add or remove lead tags.


[07-Oct-16] Configuring custom actions on Leads and Lists

This new app “Custom Lead and List Actions” allows you to configure custom actions (like making an API call to fetch or send data) on click of custom menu item on Leads and Lists. So you can extend LeadSquared to add features around leads and lists that suit your own custom needs.   Here is the help article.

[04-Oct-16] Introducing LeadSquared Chrome extension for Gmail

We have released an extension for Chrome browser that integrates your Gmail with LeadSquared.  It does following:

  • Create leads from email
  • Create activities on leads from gmail.
  • Create follow-up tasks for leads from gmail.
  • Send trackable email to leads from gmail.

Here is the help article.


[04-Oct-16] Import lead tags

You can import tags and associate them with existing leads. We have added an option to import tags on manage leads page.  Note that tag import is different from lead import. While importing tags you just specify email ids of existing leads in one column and tags in another. Here is the help article.

[04-Oct-16] Tag all leads in a list

You can now tag all leads in a list as a bulk operation. The tag action is available as “Tag All Leads” on the List Actions menu inside list details screen.

[04-Oct-16] Add your favorite dashlets to default dashboard

The default dashboard can now be customized. You can remove existing dashlets and add fresh ones. This is in addition to the custom dashboard feature that was already available.

[14-Sep-16] Tag leads based on rules

In the Rules & Notifications feature, we have added a new action: Add Tag. Based on the rules you setup, matching leads can be tagged.

[14-Sep-16] Mailing Preferences can now be enabled in landing page forms

Mailing Preferences (Email Categories) are now available to be added in Landing Pages. This will enable to subscribe leads to specific email categories. Here is the help article.