Product Updates

[25-Aug-16] Introducing Custom Tabs

Custom Tab is a custom lead page where you can fetch data from external sources about the leads.  When you see lead data then it usually comes what is stored in LeadSquared. With custom tabs, you can fetch data about leads from external systems and show it along-with lead details in LeadSquared. Some examples:

  • Show all support tickets stored in external system associated with the Leads and display as a separate tab in Lead Details.
  • Display as a tab in Lead Details for the list of products added in cart by the lead in an E-commerce site
  • Display as a tab in Lead Details for the properties a lead may be interested.

Here is the help article:  Custom Tab Connector.


[24-Aug-16] More actions in Rules and Notifications

In Rules and Notifications feature, we have added  four new actions:  1) Add Task : will help automate task creation as a result of lead stage change, or specific activity being posted  2 & 3) Star / Unstar a lead : will help in easily identifying leads matching rules 3) Add lead to list : will help in grouping leads matching rules.

This is additional to the already support actions like Send Email, Update Webhook and Update Lead Fields. 

[24-Aug-16] Tag leads captured via Landing pages

Leads captured thru LeadSquared landing pages can now be tagged. For example, a lead submitting as result of a specific campaign in a specific region can be tagged with the campaign name and region and it will be available right on the lead details screen as a reference for lead owner.

[24-Aug-16] Extending Dependent Fields feature to Landing Pages

We introduced Dependent Fields few weeks back. We have now extended the feature to fields in landing page form. The dependency relationship between parent and child fields will work in forms as defined in dependent field settings.

[24-Aug-16] Webhook on Lead Delete

We have added “Lead Delete” in the list of events on which webhooks can be triggered.  You can now take necessary action such as triggering email, taking backup or updating an external application when lead is deleted in LeadSquared. In case of bulk lead deletes, the data is posted in batches of 100.

[10-Aug-16] More options in Rules and Notifications

We have added more options in Rules and Notifications:

  • Now lead fields can be updated as a result of a Rule.  A classic example is that lead stage can be advanced when Lead Score is greater than certain value.
  • Multiple actions are supported in the same rule.  For example, you can notify a lead owner by email and update a lead field also.


[09-Aug-16] Custom Activities: Capture more than description and score

So far you have been able to capture only name, score and description in custom activities. We have updated the the feature to allow capturing upto 15 additional data fields.

For example, for a “Meeting Happened” activity, you can capture meeting location, meeting quality, meeting duration, # of attendees etc in separate fields.

Check the feature update at: My Account  -> Settings -> Customization -> Custom Activity and Scores.

[09-Aug-16] Introducing Dependent Lead Fields

LeadSquared now supports drop-down fields whose values  can be linked to value selected in another drop-down field.  The most common example is showing States based on selected Country.

LeadSquared achieves this by letting you establish parent-child relationship between any two drop-down fields and then letting you specify value sets in child corresponding to each value of parent. Multi-level dependency (for example:  Country  -> State -> City ) is also allowed. Note:  the dependency will show on Lead add forms of LeadSquared. We will extend the feature to landing page forms very soon.

Check the feature at:  My Account -> Settings -> Customization -> Dependent Lead Fields.

[25-July-16] Create custom field while importing leads

Now you can create custom fields on the fly while importing data. The option to create custom fields will be visible only to Admin users.

[25-July-16] Updated: Rules and Notifications

The Rules and Notifications feature has been updated to allows choosing a segment of leads on which notifications should be triggered.  This can be done by specify conditions using Advanced Search interface in the step 2 of creating rule.