Product Updates

[09-Aug-16] Custom Activities: Capture more than description and score

So far you have been able to capture only name, score and description in custom activities. We have updated the the feature to allow capturing upto 15 additional data fields.

For example, for a “Meeting Happened” activity, you can capture meeting location, meeting quality, meeting duration, # of attendees etc in separate fields.

Check the feature update at: My Account  -> Settings -> Customization -> Custom Activity and Scores.

[09-Aug-16] Introducing Dependent Lead Fields

LeadSquared now supports drop-down fields whose values  can be linked to value selected in another drop-down field.  The most common example is showing States based on selected Country.

LeadSquared achieves this by letting you establish parent-child relationship between any two drop-down fields and then letting you specify value sets in child corresponding to each value of parent. Multi-level dependency (for example:  Country  -> State -> City ) is also allowed. Note:  the dependency will show on Lead add forms of LeadSquared. We will extend the feature to landing page forms very soon.

Check the feature at:  My Account -> Settings -> Customization -> Dependent Lead Fields.

[25-July-16] Create custom field while importing leads

Now you can create custom fields on the fly while importing data. The option to create custom fields will be visible only to Admin users.

[25-July-16] Updated: Rules and Notifications

The Rules and Notifications feature has been updated to allows choosing a segment of leads on which notifications should be triggered.  This can be done by specify conditions using Advanced Search interface in the step 2 of creating rule.

[17-July-16] Downtime Rescheduled for 17th July

The database upgrade planned for Saturday could not be executed since the pre-upgrade steps took much longer than expected. There was no downtime. We plan to complete the upgrade today (Sunday, 17th July) at the same time (4:30 PM UTC | 10 PM IST | 12:30 PM Eastern | 9:30 AM Pacific). The application will not be accessible during this period.  We apologize for any inconvenience during this update.

[14-July-16] Downtime Alert: 1 hour downtime on Saturday, July 16th

LeadSquared will be down for 1 hour on Sat, July 16th 2016 for critical database upgrades.

Here is the down-time schedule in few time-zones.

UTC              4:30 PM to 5:30 PM
India             10:00 PM to 11:00 PM
US-East        12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
US-Pacific    9:30 AM to 10:30 AM

Click here to find the downtime schedule in your local timezone.

[05-July-16] New feature: Rules and Notifications

We have released a new feature “Rules and Notifications” that helps in triggering notifications based on pre-configured events. For example, you can notify your sales reps whenever any lead visits pricing page of your website. The feature is available only in Standard and higher plans and currently the notifications can be emails or data post to webhooks. To know more about the feature, check this KB article.

[27-May-16] New iOS app

We have released a fully refreshed mobile app for iOS. You can download it here.

[06-May-16] Date triggered Drip Campaigns: Send automated emails on, before or after an important date

We have updated Drip Campaigns features to support date based trigger scenarios. Some examples:

  • Send automated birthday/anniversary wishes to your customers
  • Send automated  insurance renewal due date reminder emails few days before the actual date
  • Send payment follow up emails few days after the annual subscription renewal date

Hers the the help article that describes in details the steps to created such drip campaigns.

[06-May-16] Update all leads in a list in single operation

We have improved bulk update feature by offering option to update value in one field of all leads within a list. For example, you can change stage of all leads in a list that has 100 K records. Here is the KB article on it.