Acuity Scheduling Connector

Acuity Scheduling is a tool which allows you to manage your appointments online. It allows your leads to see your real-time calendar availability, self-select the time that works best for them, and easily book and pay for their own appointments in advance.

Note: For more information, please refer to Acuity Scheduling.

The LeadSquared Acuity Scheduling Connector allows you to do the following:

  • Post Activities – Activities are posted to the corresponding leads in LeadSquared for any new, rescheduled or cancelled appointments. The activities are posted, if the client Email address exists as Leads in LeadSquared. If not, the Lead is created and the activity is posted.

Note: Separate Activities are posted for new, rescheduled or cancelled appointments

  • Create Task Reminders – Task Reminders are created for the corresponding lead owners in LeadSquared for any new appointment. If the appointment is rescheduled, the task gets automatically updated. If the appointment is cancelled, the task reminder is cancelled.


  • You should be an administrator of your LeadSquared account
  • You should have a working Acuity Scheduling account

How to Install the LeadSquared Acuity Connector

1. From the default dashboard of your LeadSquared account, go to Apps -> MarketPlace. The Marketplace window appears:

2. Select Scheduling from the left pane and click Acuity Scheduler App. The Acuity Scheduler App window appears:

3. Click Add Connector. The Acuity Connector App is installed.

Configuring the Acuity Connector

1. Once the connector is installed, click Configure under Settings. The Configure Acuity Scheduler App pop-up box appears:

2. Complete the following details:

  • Acuity User ID – Enter your Acuity User ID.
  • Acuity API Key – Enter your Acuity API key.
  • Select Task Type – Select the task type which you want to create in LeadSquared when an appointment is created.

3. Once all the details are completed, click Save.

Once the connector settings are saved and an appointment is created, an Acuity activity and task is posted to the corresponding lead. Please see the below images for reference.

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