Basic Settings

New to LeadSquared? – Awesome!

Here are a few Settings to be done to get started with Using LeadSquared for your business.


You must be an Admin User of your LeadSquared account.


For your convenience we have classified the settings in to a few categories

  1. Basic Settings – Essential and good enough to start off.
  2. Connect your Apps. (Third Party and Inhouse)
  3. Additional Settings –  A few more settings To make the Best Use of LeadSquared.


Let’s have a look a the basic overview of these before we take a closer look at each:

A. Basic Settings – to get started:

Create Users:

Lead Tracking Setup:

Lead Stage Management: Define and Set up Stages to move your leads through the Lead Funnel

Create Custom Notable Activities:

Create Custom Lead Fields required:


B. Additional Settings – to make the most of LeadSquared:

Lead Prioritization:

Sales Activity Settings:

Task Settings:

Email Settings:


C. Connect your business Apps:

LeadSquared integrates with various applications you must be using for your business like:

Chat Tool on Website,

Cloud Telephony Services,

Email Apps & More.

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