Bulk update of leads in Lists

LeadSquared allows you to perform bulk update on a desired field for all lead records in a list.


You have logged into your LeadSquared account.
You have created a list of leads.


You can update all leads of a list together using Update All Leads option under ‘List Actions’.

Navigate to LEADS > Manage Lists > Open required list > Hover over ‘List Actions’ and click Update All Leads

Update All Leads

Update Leads window pops up and shows two options.
1. Lead Field
2.New Value

Select your the field which you wish to update in Lead Field and enter the value in New Value and click Update.


Above screenshot shows Lead Owner update.

It runs the update process in the background and once the update is complete, it will notify you through email to your registered email address. Alternatively, you may check the status in Request History.

update request

Tip: You may refresh the page to view the updated list as it wont take much time to process the update.

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