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Can I assign a task to another user?

Yes. You can assign your task to another user. you can also assign another user’s task to some other user, but, only if your role is Admin. You must note that you can assign a task to another user when you create a new task also. For more information, see How to create Tasks and schedule Reminders?

To assign a task to another user

1. Click on the Task icon. You will be re-directed to the task management page. You can view the list of all tasks present. You can view the subject of the task and its status.

create task

2. In the Task Management page, you can see a list of tasks associated to you.


3. Hover on the Actions button of the required task. Click on Edit.

Edit Task

4. In the Update Task window, select the required user from the Assign Task to User drop down option. This will change the assigned task owner. Click on Save.

Update Task