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Configure LeadSquared SMS Marketing App

To send SMS to leads, add and configure the SMS Marketing App.



You must be a LeadSquared Administrator user to add and configure SMS Marketing App.



Add and Configure the SMS Marketing App

To set up the SMS Marketing app, follow these steps –

Go to Apps -> Apps Market place. Click SMS in the left pane and select SMS Marketing App.

Click Install.

After installing the app, you can see the SMS app in Show in Installed apps tab for configuring the app.

SMS marketing app 1

After the installation is complete, click SMS Marketing App. The SMS Marketing App details page appears.

Under Settings, click Configure to configure the application. The Configure SMS Marketing App pop-up box is displayed.

1. Select the SMS  Account Type –

  • India (Default) – For sending SMS to leads within India.
  • International (Default) – For sending SMS to leads situated around the globe.
  • Global (Call Tracking Metrics) – To send messages globally using your Call Tracking Metrics account.
  • Global (Twilio) –  To send messages globally using your Twilio account.
  • Global (MSG91) – To send messages globally using MSG91.

For SMS provider Integration with LeadSquared refer to the following articles.

2. SenderID:

Specify a SenderID with 6 characters/letters. Numbers can not be used in SenderID. SenderID will be seen by the Leads when they receive your SMS sent from LeadSquared.

LEADSQ is an example of a SenderID. You may use some Id that relates to your business name/identity.

SMS update 1

Note: The “SenderID” that you choose may change for mass promotional messages. SenderID is guaranteed to remain what you choose only for transactional messages.

3. Activity Type:

SMS Sent will be selected by default as Activity Type.

You may select the activity type from the list of custom activities. This would be used as the activity label that gets posted when an SMS is sent to the lead.

SMS sent act

Finally click Save Settings button to complete the configuration.

100 SMS credits will be added to your account free of cost and you can buy more credits right from here by clicking Buy More Credits button.

100 free sms credits

That is all, you will now be able to send SMS to your leads from LeadSquared as illustrated below.

You can now create SMS Templates to be used by all in your LeadSquared Account. For complete information, see Creating SMS Templates.

Note: You will be able to send Custom & Promotional Messages directly without any approval needed.

If you create Transactional Templates, they would be sent for approval to concerned team of LeadSquared. Below are different ways you can send SMS to leads from LeadSquared.

SMS to single Lead:

Send One SMS
SMS to multiple Leads:

Send SMS to Mutiple leads

SMS to a List of Leads:

SMS to List