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Create Form only Landing Page

You can easily create form only Landing pages for integrating your website forms with LeadSquared.

Create a Form using LeadSquared Landing Page Designer.

The form should have lead fields that you want to capture when Lead submits on your website.


1. You must be an Admin or Marketing User of your LeadSquared Account.


Step 1: From the main menu navigate to Marketing -> Landing Pages.

Click “Create Landing Page” button to open landing page designer.

Select Blank Template and press next.

Form only LP Select Template

Step 2: Add a form on the page.

Form Block

Step 3: Double click the form to customize it. Add the fields you want. You can add hidden fields with default value if you want some data to be captured for every lead.  You can make fields mandatory.  Define header and footer for the form.

form page

Step 4: Use the properties panel to change style of the form:

form block properties

Step 5: Press Next and specify and form submission actions and Page Settings .

Step 6: Publish the page.

Publish Page

Now you have successfully created a form with required fields. This form can be used to integrate your website forms with LeadSquared in the following ways.

  1. Embed the form as an Iframe.
  2. Export Form HTML and deploy it in your form code.
  3. LeadSquared Forms in WordPress.