Creating SMS Templates

Once the SMS Connector is configured in your LeadSquared account, you will be able to add SMS templates for your frequently used SMS messages.

Creating SMS Templates

To add SMS templates, navigate to APPS -> SMS Templates

SMS template menu

1) Click Add Template button.

You will be able to create your own SMS template as illustrated below. You can use the lead and sender parameters under “Insert Parameters”. In the example shown below, the  “@{Lead:FirstName,}” will be replaced by First Name of the Lead and @{Sender:UserName,} will be replaced by the Name of the logged in user in LeadSquared.

Note: You can add maximum 4 merge parameters per SMS. 

Create Template 1

2) Specify if the message is Promotional or Transactional in nature.

(In India) Promotional messages will not be sent to numbers registered with DNC (Do Not Call) registry.

The transactional message templates will need approval from LeadSquared. They will show as promotional before they are approved. Once approval is done the message type will change to transactional.  The approval/rejection of transactional SMS template will be done within one business day of raising the request.

To know more about promotional and transactional messages, check Transactional vs Promotional SMS.

3) Select if template is available to everyone in your company or only to you. 

4) Press Save  Template to continue. 

Create Template 2

The Promotional templates can be used immediately. Transactional templates can used for transactional SMS upon approval of LeadSquared.

SMS Template List

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