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Determining the Drop-down Lead Fields to Create Dependency

You can create dependency between system defined drop-down lead fields or custom drop-down lead fields. Determine the lead drop-down fields for which you want to create the dependency.

Note: You cannot use system defined fields ‘Mailing Preferences’ and ‘Stage Rotting Status’ related fields to create dependent lead fields. Also, lead Source and lead Stage fields are not displayed in child field drop-down lists.

To create a custom field to set dependency:

  • From the LeadSquared dashboard, go to My Account -> Settings -> Customization -> Lead Fields. The Lead Fields section appears on the display pane on the right side. Click Create. The Create Lead Field (Custom) pop-up appears.

  • Click Create. The Create Lead Field (Custom) pop-up appears.

create custom field

  • Enter the required details for the custom lead field. For more information on this, refer to How to create custom fields in LeadSquared?.
  • From the elect

custom lead field details

Note: Dependency cannot be created for Searchable Dropdown. Dependency works for Dropdown and Dropdown with Others.

  • Provide the values for the drop-down list if required. Provide the value and click Add.

To edit a system defined lead drop-down list:

  • From the Lead Fields display pane, click Edit against a system defined drop-down lead field under Actions.

edit system field