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Drip Campaigns on Specific Dates or Days recurring Annually

LeadSquared enables marketers now to set up Drip Campaigns based on a Specific Date & Specific Days recurring Annually.

This feature gives ability to:

Send reminder emails on Payment Due date or Subscription Renew dates.

  • You can set up emails before the date, On the same date and even after regular intervals post the Specific Date.

Set up Emails wishing leads or Customers on special occasions, Anniversaries or Birthdays.

  • Marketers can run special offer campaigns just before the Anniversary days and wish the clients on their Birth days, anniversaries and other special days recurring annually.

Let’s see how.


  • You are an Admin or MarketingUser of your LeadSquared account.
  • Your subscription comprises of Drip Campaigns feature.
  • It is recommended that you create customized email content for specific purposes and place it in the Email Library. See Content Library – Adding Emails to Content Library, for more information.

Procedure :

For detailed information on Drip Campaign feature in LeadSquared you may see:

How to create and schedule Drip Campaigns?

2. Select Event:

In Step 02 Select Event as trigger for the Drip Campaign to start you should select –

A. On a Specific Date  or B. On a Specific Day (Annually Recurring)

Each of these in detail:

A. On a Specific Date:

Now if you wish to set up drip campaign for Specific Dates like Subscription Renewal date or Payment Due date you may select “On a Specific Date” as the Event that triggers the Drip Campaign.

  1. Event on which the campaigns starts : select “On a Specific Date”
  2. Select Lead Field : You will see all Date type of fields here, select required date on which you wish to set up the campaign.
    E.g., Subscription Renewal Date or Last date of Registration  or Payment due date etc.

DC SPecific Date

B. On a Specific Day (Annually Recurring):

You can set up Drip campaigns to send Email wishes on Client’s birthday or any Anniversary days and can also plan to send them special personalized offers by email relevant to the special occasion.

  1. Event on which the campaigns starts : select “On a Specific Day (Annually Recurring)
  2. Select Lead Field : You will see all Date type of fields here, select required date on which you wish to set up the campaign.
    Here only the day and month would be considered as the trigger day.
    E.g., Birthday’s & Anniversary dates.

DC Specific Day

Once the Event is set up you can specify the Recipient criteria as required.

Set Recipient Criteria:

By default Email Contains Data will be set as Recipient Criteria. You may choose to Update Criteria per your choice.

Recipient Criteria for Leads can be set up based on Lead Attributes.

(e.g., City is New York And/Or Lead Stage is Opportunity.)

update criteria

Once the criteria for Recipients is specified click on Next to move to Step 3 (Set Actions). 


Step 3 – Set Actions :

Here you can set-up the following –

  1. Sequence of emails (actions) to be sent or executed at specified times after the trigger Event.
  2. you can choose the Recipient Email Fields.
  3. Set Exclusion Criteria.

Lets see each of these in detail.

1. Set Actions to Execute:

DC Action 1

Click +Add Action, to see the pop up where you can Add an Email Action in 3 Steps.

Action Details > Set Content > & Set Delivery Time

a. Action Details: Give a Name to the Action. & Type would by default be Email. Click Set Content.

b. Set Content: Here you can specify the content of the email.

you may easily pull in the content from Email Library by clicking Use Draft Email button and search for required template available in your library.

Specify who should be the Sender of the email.

Test and Set Delivery Time: You can send a test email using the Test button, to ensure the content renders well as desired. Once the content is verified to be good, click Set Delivery Time.

For detailed information with images on these steps refer to the article on Drip Campaign.


C. Set Delivery Time:

In case of Events (On a Specific Date or Day) The Email Action can be set to execute Immediately or Before or even After a specified number of hours or days of the Specified Date or Day.

Feature to send Email Actions Before the trigger date is exclusively seen only for these Specific Date or Day triggers.

i. Image below shows Email Action set to send Before 4 days of the trigger date.

DC Specific Date before


ii. Email action can be set up to trigger on the same date by choosing Immediately, to be able to send the email action on the same day or date.

DC Immediately

iii. Email Actions can be set to be sent after specified hours or days after the trigger event.

Select ‘After’ from drop-down and specify the number of days/hours.

You can also Control day and time of email delivery. Selecting which you can specify the exact time of delivery and also choose preferred days to send email if needed.

Click Save.

set after


Once the action is saved it can be seen in the grid of Set Actions to Execute:

You can easily add multiple Email actions (up-to 20) by clicking Add Actions button.

For help with further settings in Step 3 (Recipient Email fields, Set Exclusion Criteria) and Step 4 (Summary) refer to  : Drip Campaign.

Now the Drip Campaign is ready to start based on the specific date or Day set to send automated emails to leads.