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Drip Campaigns

The Drip Campaigns feature of LeadSquared allows you to set up automated Emails to be sent to leads/subscribers automatically, when triggered by certain events.

A Drip Campaign is a sequence of Email marketing messages that gets sent to subscribers in the order and frequency that you decide.

You can use Drip Campaigns:

  • To create customized follow-up or welcome Emails to new leads.
  • Send an automated Email when a lead submits on a landing page, or visits a particular website page and so on.

It is one of the best ways to engage the lead and foster a better working relationship with them.

Drip Campaigns allow you to send across a sequence of emails to leads, as part of one drip campaign set-up.

Example: In a single drip campaign, you can send the first Email as and when a new lead is created, or is added to a static list and so on, and subsequent emails after the specified period of hours or days (say 2 days,  5 days,  7 days and so on after the trigger event).


  • You should be an Administrator or Marketing User of the LeadSquared application.
  • Your subscription comprises of Drip Campaigns feature.
  • It is recommended that you create customized Email content for specific purposes and place it in the Email Library. For more information, refer to Content Library – Adding Emails to Content Library.


The creation and scheduling of Drip Campaigns can be done in four easy steps. They are:

Drip Campaign details: 

This step involves providing the Drip Campaign details like Name, adding marketing tags and writing a brief description about it. Also, you may also have to choose a category of Email. For more information, refer to the Step 01- Drip Campaign Details section of this article below.

Select Event

Drip Campaigns can be set up based on the following events which acts as triggers to the campaigns.

The Events are:

  • When Lead is added to a Static List
  • On Lead Creation
  • On Lead Stage Change
  • On an Activity
  • On a Specific Date
  • On a Specific Day (annually recurring)

Here you can also define the Recipient Criteria.

Set Actions

In this step you can set up a sequence of Email Actions to be sent out to leads who qualifies the recipient criteria and then trigger the campaign.

You can also define or Set Exclusion Criteria to prevent required Leads from receiving the Emails.


Here you can review the campaign details, Event that is set as trigger and Email Actions preset to be sent to the leads and start the campaign.

Step 01- Drip Campaign Details

  •  From the default LeadSquared dashboard, go to Marketing -> Drip Campaign. Click Create Drip Campaign. You are redirected to the Step 01 Campaign Details section of the Drip Campaign window.

DC 1


DC 2

  • Complete the following details:
    • Name of the Campaign: Enter the Drip Campaign name.
    • Category: Select the Email Category from the drop-down list.
    • Marketing Tags: Add the Marketing tags that you want to associate with the Drip Campaign in here.
    • Description: Enter the required details of the Drip Campaign.
  • Click Next to proceed to Step 02.

Step 02 – Select Event

You can set up a drip campaign for the following Events:

  • When Lead is added to a Static List
  • On Lead Creation
  • On Lead Stage Change
  • On an Activity
  • On a Specific Date
  • On a Specific Day (Annually Recurring)

An Event acts as a Trigger to process the leads for the campaign and schedules the Email sequence to be sent to them as per the email actions that will be set up in Step 03 – Set Actions.


 The various event types in the Event on which the campaign starts drop-down list is explained below:

When Lead is Added to a list

You can set up a drip campaign for a Static List of leads available in the Manage Lists section of your account.

The campaign triggers every time a Lead is added to the specified List.

  • For Event on which the Campaign Starts select When Lead is added to a List.
  • Select the required List from available lists.
  • You can choose to run the campaign on all existing Leads in list by selecting check box that states Run drip campaign on all existing # leads of the selected list.

By default Email Contains Data will be set as Recipient Criteria. You may choose to Update Criteria.

Recipient Criteria for Leads can be set up based on Lead Attributes.

(Example: City is New York And/Or Lead Stage is Opportunity.)

DC 3 

On Lead Creation:

The campaign can be set up to start On Lead Creation.

Every time a new lead is created the campaign is triggered and the email sequence is scheduled to be sent for the lead as defined.

DC Lead create

On Lead Stage change: 

The campaign can be set up to start when Lead Stage of a Lead is changed to a specific stage.

  1. Select Event as “On Lead Stage Change”
  2. Select and Specify the Stage for which the campaign has to trigger when Lead Stage change happens.


On an Activity:

Drip Campaigns cab be set to start when an activity is posted to the lead(s).

These activities include the following:

  • Webpage Visit
  • Landing Page Submission
  • Custom Activity (any Custom Notable Activity)
  • Email Opened
  • Email Link Clicked
  • Email Sent
  • Sales Activity

Here you may choose any of these activities as trigger to the campaign. Procedure for each activity as trigger is explained in detail in subsequent steps.

On a Specific Date:

You can set up Drip Campaign to trigger on a Specific Date, like Subscription Renewal Date or Payment Due date, etc.

E.g., If you have a Last date of Registration reminder emails can be set up to be sent Before the date trigger, On the trigger date Immediately  on the same date and After the specific date.

Select On a Specific Date as event on which the Campaign starts.

Select Lead field: All date type of fields will be seen in the drop-down, select required date as trigger.

DC SPecific Date

While setting the Email action you will see options to set the email delivery Before, Immediately and After the trigger (Specific date)

DC Specific Date before

For detailed information on Email Actions refer to Step 3 – Set Actions.

On a Specific Day (Annually Recurring)

Now marketers can trigger emails on anniversaries and birthdays to leads based on Specific Days recurring annually.

Select On a Specific Day (Annually recurring) as Event on which the campaign Starts.

Select Lead field: All date type of fields will be seen in the drop-down, select a specific day in which the campaign should be triggered annually on the same date.

DC Specific Day

Marketers can set up Emails to be sent before the day, On the same day (immediately) and a few days After the specified Day.

DC Specific Date before

For detailed information on Email Actions refer to Step 03 – Set Actions.

Now lets see the various Activities on which Drip Campaigns can be triggered. (D. On an Activity as Event)

For triggering or starting a campaign when an Activity is posted,

i. Select Event as On an Activity.

ii. Select required activity as the Activity Type: Based on the activity chosen you’d need to further specify the details of the activity.

iii. Specify Restriction: In case of an Activity being chosen as trigger Event, you’d additionally see an option to Restrict drip campaign to trigger only once per lead in specific number # of days.

This is to prevent multiple/numerous emails from being triggered in case the Lead performs same activity multiple time on a day.

For e.g a Webpage can be visited multiple times in a day or the same hour.

DC Act list

Once the Event for which the campaign has to start is specified, you can click on the Next button to move on to Step 3 where you can Set Actions. Each Email set up as part of the drip campaign is considered an Action.

Before we move to Step 3 lets see the detailed procedure for various activities set as Events to start the campaign.

1. Webpage Visit:

a. Select Webpage Visit as Activity Type.

b. You will find all the Landing pages and website pages to select from. You may chose specific pages or even select Any Webpage or Any Landing Page options.

c. Select appropriate page and click Add. Multiple pages can be added to the grid.

dc website activity

2. Landing Page Submission as Activity Type:

a. Choose Landing Page Submission in Select Activity Type field.

b. You can select from the list of landing pages available.

c. Select appropriate page and click Add. Multiple pages can be added to the grid.


3. Custom Activity:

You can set up a Drip campaign based on any of the Custom Notable activities available on your account.

i.  Event is selceted as – On an Activity.

ii. Select Custom Activity as Activity Type.

iii. Choose a Custom Notable Activity from the available Notable Activities in you account.

for e.g., Had a Phone Conversation or


For more information on Custom Notable activities click here.

4. Email Opened as Activity Type:

i. Choose Email Opened in Select Activity Type field.

ii. Under Select Campaigns you will find both Email Campaigns & Drip Campaigns to choose from.

  • Email Campaigns only in Draft State will be available for you to select from. i.e., the drip campaign  for email open activity for email campaigns sent can only be set for future campaigns only.

For more details see: Drip Campaigns based on Open/Click in Email Campaigns

  • Drip Campaigns in both draft, Started & Stopped states will be available for selection.

For more details see: Trigger Drip Campaigns on email Sent/Open/Click in other Drip Campaigns.



5. Email Link Clicked :

Email link clicked in a drip campaign or a future set Email campaign can be used to trigger the drip campaign.

i. Select Email Link Clicked as Activity Type.

ii. You can select the Campaign. Here Email Campaigns in Draft and Drip Campaigns of all states will be available to choose from.

For more details see:

       Drip Campaigns based on Open/Click in Email Campaigns

       Trigger Drip Campaigns on email Sent/Open/Click in other Drip Campaigns.

iii. a. Once the Email Campaign is selected, you may select a specific link from the drop down or leave it blank for the system to consider any link.

iii. b. If you wish to choose Drip Campaign, you would have to specify the Action and then the link has to be placed in the subsequent field that appears.

DC Link click


6. Email Sent : 

Drip campaigns can be set up to triggered when an email is sent to Lead as an action of same or other Drip Campaigns.

i. Select Email Sent as Activity Type.

ii. Select from the available Drip Campaigns.

iii. Select specific Email Action of the chosen drip campaign.

DC AR E sent


7. Sales Activity :

Drip Campaign can be set up to trigger when a Sales Activity is posted for a Lead. For it:

i. Select Activity Type as Sales Activity.

ii. In Select Field section you can choose from the available Sales Activity fields like Product, Sales Owner, Order Value and any other custom sales activity field available.

DC Sales act

That is all about the different types of activities that can be used as events to trigger the Drip Campaign.

Now in the same step (2) you will see Set Recipient Criteria section.

Set Recipient Criteria:

By default Email Contains Data will be set as Recipient Criteria. You may choose to Update Criteria per your choice.

Recipient Criteria for Leads can be set up based on Lead Attributes.

(e.g., City is New York And/Or Lead Stage is Opportunity.)

update criteria

Once the criteria for Recipients is specified click on Next to move to Step 3 (Set Actions). 


Step 3 – Set Actions :

Here you can set-up the following –

  1. Sequence of emails (actions) to be sent or executed at specified times after the trigger Event.
  2. you can choose the Recipient Email Fields.
  3. Set Exclusion Criteria.

Lets see each of these in detail.

1. Set Actions to Execute:

DC Action 1

Click +Add Action, to see the pop up where you can Add an Email Action in 3 Steps.

Action Details > Set Content > & Set Delivery Time

a. Action Details: Give a Name to the Action. & Type would by default be Email. Click Set Content.

DC A 2

b. Set Content: Here you can specify the content of the email.

you may easily pull in the content from Email Library by clicking Use Draft Email button and search for required template available in your library.

Specify who should be the Sender of the email.

Test and Set Delivery Time: You can send a test email using the Test button, to ensure the content renders well as desired. Once the content is verified to be good, click Set Delivery Time.

Set Content

c. Set Delivery Time: The Action can be set to execute Immediately or After a specified number of hours or days.

i. Image below shows Email Action set to send Immediately after the trigger event.

Set act 3

ii. Email Actions can be set to be sent after specified hours or days after the trigger event.

Select ‘After’ from drop-down and specify the number of days/hours.

You can also Control day and time of email delivery. Selecting which you can specify the exact time of delivery and also choose preferred days to send email if needed.

Click Save.

set after

iii. Email Action can be set up to be sent before the trigger in case of following Date type of trigger Events –

a. On a Specific Date   &   b. On a Specific Day (Annually recurring)

DC Specific Date before

Once the action is saved it can be seen in the grid of Set Actions to Execute:

You can easily add more actions (up-to 20) by clicking Add Actions button.

Add more

Other 2 settings of Step 03:

1. Recipient Email Fields:
If you have other Email fields that captures secondary or alternative email address of leads, you can choose to send the emails to required email addresses by selecting the appropriate email fields.

DC recipient fields

2. Set Exclusion Criteria: 

You can now specify a criteria for the Leads to be excluded from receiving the Drip Campaign emails.

The “exclusion criteria” (event/condition at which the future emails of Drip Campaign sequence are paused) can now be any update in lead field or any activity on lead.

For example, you can set up 5 step drip campaign and configure it to exclude leads from receiving mails of step 4 & 5 if they click the link in Step 3. Here steps refer to Email Actions set in the Drip Campaign email sequence.

exclusion criteria DC

Once exclusion criteria is specified click on Next to go to the final step Summary (step 4)

Step 4 – Summary :

Here you can review the entire set-up of drip campaign and Save and Start the Drip Campaign.

DC review

Now the Drip Campaign is ready to process leads matching the trigger event & Recipient criteria.